Parish Plan Results Out

By | December 31, 2012

The results of the parish Plan are out. They are being distributed around the parish and in further detail by clicking on the Parish Plan link in the main menu.

If you have not received a copy please ring Joanna Wade on 01732 868085

2 thoughts on “Parish Plan Results Out

  1. Nigel Williamson

    Congratulations on the excellent presentation of The Parish Plan. I don’t recall those of us living at the top of Hever Lane receiving the questionnaire, which is a shame. But we will certainly be attending the meeting on Jan 22.

    Many of the findings chime with our own views, particularly on aircraft noise – which has either got worse since we have lived here or our hearing has grown more acute as we’ve grown older. Frankly, the former seems more likely.

    I was surprised that as many as 40 per cent of residents in the parish have been affected by crime. I co-ordinate the Neighbourhood Watch in Hever Lane and it has been the easiiest job I’ve ever had. The ”incidents” that have been reported since we set it up can be counted on one hand and have almost all been of the most minor nature. Long may it remain so.

    On a more trivial note, we were surprised that the Henry VIII was voted ”favourite pub” by respondents to the questionnaire. The Henry VIII was our favourite local spot for a drink until a few years ago, when we parked opposite the pub on the day of the village fete. Before I had turned off the engine, I was approached by an uncouth, shaven-headed thug who tapped on the window and demanded to know if we were going to drink in the pub.

    I told him that we were attending the fete and would have a drink after we had done so, but added that as a local resident I had been a customer for more years than I cared to remember – and probably since before he was born!

    He replied: ”Well I’ve never seen you. If you’re not here to buy a drink, you can p*** off.”

    So I asked him if he actually lived in Hever, because if he did he would surely know me.

    He replied: ”I wouldn’t live in this s*** hole if you f***ing paid me”.

    It was as if the gangster years, when the pub was under the ownership of the infamous jailbird George Francis, were back. Needless to say, I haven’t had a drink in the Henry VIII in the four or five years since this happened and the Greyhound now enjoys our custom instead.

    It looks like I will have to break our boycott of the pub for the launch of the local business network at the Henry VIII on January 31. I fully intend to raise the incident with the owners and will ask if they were aware of the inappropriate behaviour of the foul-mouthed yob they were employing in the car park that day!

    But I digress. Congratulations on a splendid initiative and we look forward to attending on Jan 22 to discuss how the Parish Plan can be taken forward.

  2. Nigel Williamson

    I gather the Henry VIII came under new management about three years ago,which would have been after the unpleasant incident I reported above.

    So clean slate and no aspersions on the current owners, whom I look forward to meeting over a pint very soon.


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