Hever Station Car Park

By | February 20, 2017


Those of you who use the (The Goods Yard) will find that Southern have posted notices on the station platforms to the effect that parking at the station is not now possible and that the nearest station with a Southern Car park is Edenbridge (!)

It is correct to say that negotiations between the owners, DPL, and Southern, have not resulted in agreement, however DPL advise that this is not for want of trying on their part and, contrary to Southern’s notice:-


(until further notice)

 With Southern seemingly indifferent to the needs of their customers, DPL (The Owners) have entered into discussions with both Hever Parish Council and Hever Residents Association regarding future parking options. These are ongoing, and we will, of course, keep you informed of progress.

Information will also be posted on www.heverstationcarpark.com


Please contact clerk@hever.org or Hever Residents Assoc. with any queries / suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Hever Station Car Park

  1. James williamson

    I wonder whether, under the freedom of information act we can TRULY find out who is responsible for this utterly rediculous sutuation at Hever car park? I would imagine so. That way we can establish whether the greedy rail company is to blame or the greedy legal document software company!

  2. Arthur Andersson

    I would suggest the situation is probably down to the local business DPL Professional. Alistair Cree is rather keen to capitalise on his corporate empire in any way he can in my view.

    Today it seems the previlant attitude is to worry less about local communities and much more about the size of an individual’s bank balance. Just the greedy corporate world we live in today. It would appear that the, me first,attitude is alive and well.


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