Edenbridge Medical services; A huge thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the Consultation Process that happened between February and April this year.

By | June 26, 2017


The key findings of the consultation were:

94% agreed there should be a combined hospital/surgery
79% supported the preferred option of a new building on a new site, with increased day care and no inpatient beds
8% wanted inpatient beds
84% supported building on a new site
The top statement people thought was most important to consider when planning future care for the area was reducing travel (68%), followed by designing healthcare to meet changing needs (60%)
Bottom priority was protecting the environment by re-using existing space (9%)
The top additional services people would like to see in Edenbridge were preventative health checks (39%) and maternity services, antenatal care and post-natal parenting support (37%)


Next steps

The report will be considered by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust’s (KCHFT) board meeting on 29 June. It will be further considered by the Edenbridge Medical Practice and then at the CCG’s Governing Body on 25 July where a recommendation on how to proceed will be made to its members.

Undertook a consultation to look at how we could strengthen care for local people at a time of growing demand. It was held from 1 February until 26 April 2017, we asked for comments on proposals to…

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