Over 90% of thatch roof fires start as a result of a faulty flue or chimney. 

By | June 12, 2017

If you know of any thatch properties in your parish or area, please let the owners know about a new service being offered by Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS).


People whose properties have thatched roofs are being encouraged to sign up to KFRS’ free KFRS Thatch Alert. Everyone who signs up will receive a useful free guide, full of tips on how to keep your family and thatched property safe. It’s quick and easy to sign up and by doing so you will also help give our firefighters the best chance of fighting a fire in your property should the worst happen. Although thatch fires are not common, when they happen they can be very serious.


Thatch fires can take hold quickly and are more difficult to put out than fires in other property types because the thatch is designed to repel water. KFRS aims to locate all thatched properties in the county so we can:   Support owners with safety advice   Make sure we can identify the nearest and best water source – whether that’s a fire hydrant, river, pond or lake   So that we can provide our firefighters with the information they need to deal with a thatch fire as effectively as possible. Visit the KFRS website for more information and to sign up.


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