Hever Castle Triathlon – Sat/ Sun 23/24 September – Uckfield Lane and Grove Road One Way Systems

By | August 1, 2017


This year’s Hever Castle Triathlon will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th
September. The annual event, one of the largest triathlon in the country, as well as the
largest children’s triathlon in the world will be organised by Matrix Events Ltd, a local
company, based in Penshurst. They are specialists in the delivery of mass participation
sporting events within the UK and Europe.

The event will, once more, attract large numbers of competitors and spectators to the area. It
will provide a truly unique experience to the participants and provide tourism and exposure
opportunities to Hever Castle and local businesses generating in excess of £1million for the
local economy. In addition, local charities the Hever Residents Association Fireworks,
Jigsaw4U South East, will be direct beneficiaries of the event as well as many local school
children, inspired by the triathlon training days, put on at the castle in early July, who will be
competing. The event will also continue to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, the
Castle Triathlon Series national charity partner for 2018.

We are very aware of and committed to the safety of competitors, marshals, residents and the
general public. In discussion with the Kent Police and Kent Highways Authority we will
continue with last year’s traffic management plan that makes both Uckfield Lane and Grove
Road into one way systems (access for resident’s and customers of businesses only) and
request your support in this matter. This will be for the duration of the adult cycle on each day
which will be from 08.00am-12.30pm on the Saturday and from 08.00am – 1.30pm on the

We appreciate that this will be an inconvenience for many of you but this seems the
safest, most sustainable and functional way of ensuring everyone’s safety going forward.
As a footnote, we are aware that the explosion of cyclists on the roads around the UK and
their behavior generally is under scrutiny and are committed to improving the standards of
cyclist awareness, general politeness, littering and volume of inter cyclist conversations from
which we all suffer from time to time. As well as an ongoing awareness programme sent out
to our database of participants we have created a set of specific rules underpinning our
standpoint that will result in immediate disqualification should they be broken.

If you own a B&B or similar temporary accommodation we would be delighted to include you
on our accommodation database that appears on the website and gets sent out to all
competitors in advance of the event. Likewise, we now have a burgeoning trade village and
we would like to extend preferential rates to anyone who lives locally and has a suitable trade
stand. Specifically, there is food concession availability in the campsite from the Friday
evening of the event.

For further information or any questions please contact one of the Castle Triathlon team or
myself Brian Adcock, Managing Director of Matrix Events on 01892 870681.

Brian Adcock
Managing Director, Matrix Events Ltd

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