The planning meeting was held at 7 – 7.50 pm with Cllrs. RBS, CT, AH, AS in attendance plus 3 members of the public and JH Chair.


FULL Council meeting;

Present:  Cllrs., John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Angela Haydon (AH) Bonnie White (BW), Christine Thompson (CT), Anita Sebastian (AS), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS)

Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (CC, Clerk).  The meeting commenced at 7.50pm.


1.To receive apologies – Joanna Wade (JW) working, Stephen Lark (SL) busy, Matthew Dickins (MD) Sevenoaks District Councillor working, Peter Lake working, (PL) Kent County Councillor busy, Stephen Sadler (SS) unable to attend.  These apologies were accepted and noted.

To receive declarations of interest in respect of items on the Agenda. To be specified per item.

  1. To approve accuracy of minutes from the previous meetings (Minutes from 17.05.19). Previously circulated draft minutes approved by all and signed by JH.
  2. Public Forum. None attended.
  3. Correspondence from Hever Castle – asking “HPC request KCC Highways to close layby (by bridge over River Eden) using wooden posts”.

The issues were discussed at length, following guidance from KCC Highways.  It was resolved to

communicate to the Castle that HPC wouldn’t object if Hever Castle wished to liaise directly with KCC

and erect bollards at their own cost and with ongoing maintenance.  However, noting the limitations of

such measures.

5.  Casual vacancy on Hever Parish Council.  It was resolved to co – opt Duncan Leslie.

6.  Request from Parent Teachers Assoc. of Hever school – to hold a circus in 2020 on Hever parish field.  Issues were discussed and concerns around insurance, clear up, risk assessment, risk of anti-social behaviour, clash with local weddings / other events in a confined area, scale of event and car parking (advertised online as ~600 seats).  Note that HRA have advised the electricity would not be available via shed (as could not be kept unlocked overnight).  Access for locals / other users to field and to buy tickets?  Suggested that other local sites may be more suitable as no specific reason to be near school?   It was resolved to request more information and ask someone to attend the meeting on 17th September.

7.  GTR Passenger Benefit fund totalling £15m following the disruption faced by passengers in Summer 2018 to be used to provide tangible benefits for passengers.  £30,000 of that has been allocated to improve Hever Station.  CC gave an update on the project, working with HRA.  Report and submission to GTR with suggestions by end of July.

8.  Parish wide footpaths and stiles.   A number of reports received of unsuitable stiles in the parish.  The issues (as documented in Agenda) were considered.  Having user friendly stiles complements the promotion of walking routes and good footpath access.  The Council resolved to publicise and encourage local landowners to replace inaccessible stiles and that any such cost implications could be applied to HPC in the grant scheme for support.  Contact with local walking groups and to receive reports of inaccessible / damaged stiles to be collated.

9. Highway Improvement Plan – village gateways.  HPC have previously agreed to gateways entrances and to earmark funds for such.  CC to complete KCC template for the coming year to request the gateways and for future re surfacing of the re friction surface at the Four Elms crossroads.

10.  Gatwick update (SL, RBS) – none.  MD had reported that Gatwick announcement due this week.

11. To consider any grant applications received.   £57 for Hever lights (used by Church, HRA etc.) – approved.


The High Weald AONB Partnership, has drafted a Design Guide for new housing development in the High Weald.  No comment.

13.  To determine matters arising from the previous minutes for updating / noting (Chair).  None noted.

14.  GDPR – to update any developments or actions required.  C working with IT providers to ensure compliant with the Accessibility regulations.

15.  Planning – applications responded to and outcomes attached to Agenda.

16. Finance update – attached to agenda.  Spending, receipts and accounts until end of May reconciled and signed by member of Finance Committee.  It was resolved to review the parish plan objectives and consider spending options / budget at Sept. meeting.  Schools to be contacted to remind of grant process and any relevant projects that may need supporting.

17.  Four Elms bus shelter update; to be installed week of 19th August.  Using a separate contractor to do ground works and road permits has accelerated the project.

18.  Urgent / other issues – BW wished to thank Tom Tugendhat MP for letter of congratulations on election, thanked speakers at Assembly but noted relative poor attendance by public.

Concern over caravan in field on boundary with Chiddingstone (Chittenden direction).  CC to d/w Chiddingstone Clerk.

Clerk reported back on SDC Planning enforcement work, met with Gary Edmed (new in post SDC Gypsy and Traveller liaison officer).


Update from MD in absence;

  • Fly-tipping – three new prosecutions secured for fly-tipping in Riverhead, Westerham and Dunton Green.
  • Agricultural Prior Notifications – further to 7th May meeting, have chased the training and Q&A.
  • Off-Roading Motorcyclists in Markbeech – further to 7th May meeting, pleased to say I have received no further reports.
  • Proposed Diversion of Public Footpaths – have you received a consultation letter from KCC relating to SR563, SR622 and SR568?
  • Community Infrastructure Levy – some revisions to the scheme were approved last Thursday.  Nothing about which to be concerned but mentioning for information.
  • Gatwick (Item 10) – expect a major announcement from Gatwick later this week.


19.  Other correspondence for noting – as per Agenda (KCC waste, Police staffing, SDC Local plan, Neverworld License application, HPC Affordable housing, KALC / KCC 20mph review).


Proposed Diversion of Public Footpaths –consultation letter from KCC relating to SR563, SR622 and SR568 discussed.  AH, CT and AS to consider and CC to share with JW also.  CC to respond.


19ii.  Request from Four Elms resident / parent to use the parish field as considering running a childcare camp, during holidays, based at Four Elms school.   The Council discussed the options and requested further information (number of children at once, operating hours, insurance etc.).


Meeting ended 9.00pm


NEXT MEETING –Tuesday 17th SEPTEMBER  7.30pm MARKBEECH village hall.