26th November 2020 at 7.30PM.  Held via zoom video call.


Present, Philip Lindsay (PL), Nick Roberts (NR), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS) Stephen Sadler (SS) Angela Haydon (AH), John Hodson (JH) Chair, Stephen Lark (SL), Duncan Leslie (DL), Angela Connolly (AC)

Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (CC, Clerk) and 3 members of the public. The meeting commenced at 7.30pm.


1. No apologies received.

2. The Council approved the accuracy of draft Minutes of the previous meeting (22.09.20 & 29.09.20) and to be

signed by Chair.

3. Public Forum; Peter Lake (PL) –

·         Coopers estates proposal for Four Elms road Edenbridge

·         pushing for a secondary school

·         reported that health centre plans development delayed.

·         Would share HPC concerns that the whole of Kent to be placed under Tier 3 and view that KCC could have objected in stronger terms.

·         Speed limits in various parishes noted, reported that Weald PC offering sums towards speed reductions.

·         KCC budget – PL advising max of 5% rise in council tax.

Matthew Dickins (MD) – CIL options, covid rates, Local Plan (SDC considering their options).  8pm PL and MD


Items for discussion / decision;


4i.        Financial updated studied with statement reconciliation signed by AH.

4ii.       Budget proposal from finance committee considered.  Council resolved to agree in principle to budget

and precept request (-0.5%).  To submit precept to SDC by end of January, pending January HPC meeting to


5iii.      Grant application from HVH presented by member of Hever Village hall committee.  Thorough

presentation elaborated on management structure, planning considerations and fundraising plans.  Council

resolved to award the £5,000 held this year for this purpose to HVH.

5i.     Grant application – to max value of £120 for Council to purchase chocolate treats for Christmas hunt in

Four Elms village to be run by locals.  Council resolved to support.

5ii.  Grant application – to underwrite HRA / Church community carol singing event (drive in / Covid suitable) to

max value of £500.   Council resolved to do so.

6.   Central Hever parking – issues considered relating to Castle / pub / school / walkers / Church parking

congestion.  To await proposition by any of the relevant parties.

7.  Four Elms recreation ground – issues around the use of the field to access playground / rear of school discussed.  Resolved to pay the cost of purchase of suitable matting (~ £675) and for school to install.

8.  Parish wide affordable housing project – SS and Clerk updated, the full Council resolved to accept the invitation of English Rural Housing Association to update on the process and the site/s shortlisted, at an early January 2021 meeting with a subsequent full public consultation to gather residents’ perspectives and feedback before any further steps.

9.  Meeting dates for 2021 – agreed to continue bi-monthly, starting early January 2021 via zoom.

10. GDPR.  No update.

11.  No matters arising from previous minutes.

12.  Gatwick invite – 3rd December.  SL to attend.

13.  No projects to consider for grant applications.

14.  Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda – none.

15.       Consultations / Other Correspondence.

PKF Littlejohn have completed external independent audit of Council accounts,

without issues.  Notification online and noticeboards as per statutory requirements.

SDC and HPC voluntary scheme restarted in second lockdown.  HPC continue to support one vulnerable couple in Markbeech and open to further registrations as required.

Peter Lake (KCC) continues to lobby for speed reductions in Four Elms.

Hever Parish field – pedestrian gate to be installed next to vehicular 5 bar gate

by school entrance.  Dog bin to be relocated onto field (was knocked down in school parking area).

3 new Councillors have completed the KALC Dynamic Councillor training module


Clerk received notification from SDC planning enforcement that a planning application is expected from nursery school provider in Markbeech and the relevant Ofsted / planning procedures underway.  HPC to await planning application as per others where HPC is a statutory consultee.

Clerk updated from Kent Police that from February 2021 2 new PCSO’s in post.


The zoom meeting ended 9.11pm.