2018 Sept draft minutes

Present:  Cllrs., John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Angela Haydon (AH), Bonnie White (BW), Duncan Leslie (DL), Christine Thompson (CT), Stephen Sadler (SS).


Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (CC, Clerk), Peter Lake (PL), Matthew Dickins (MD), and 5 members of the public.  The meeting commenced at 7.30pm.


1.To receive apologies – Joanna Wade (JW) working, Stephen Lark (SL) personal, Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS)                  personal.  These apologies were accepted and noted.

2. To receive declarations of interest in respect of items on the Agenda. To be specified per item.

3. To approve accuracy of minutes from the previous meetings (Minutes from 25.07.18)). Approved by all and signed by JH.

4.  Public Forum

PL (Peter.lake@kent.gov.uk) – discussions relating to item 5 on the agenda.  He proposes a traffic survey (April 2019) for Four Elms and then the opportunity to debate options.  Noted recent press coverage of risks of 20mph limits (Daily Telegraph 15.09.18).  Further discussions from HPC and from members of the public around – effectiveness, enforcement, limit vs. zone, signage, physical obstructions.  All noted that driver behaviour paramount. Hever and Markbeech have concerns about national speed limits too.  Cllr. Lake to raise with Highways.

Rural buses and school transport oversubscribed, similar issues to many parts of Kent.

MD updated from Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) – relating to item 12.  No information from Licensing as yet.  A number of people had unsuccessfully tried to contact the landowner by email.


6.  SDC Draft Local Plan – comments submitted by HPC noted (attached to this Agenda) as were Clive Pearman’s (Cllr. For Edenbridge Town Council) history of Edenbridge and District War Memorial Hospital.  Since noted that no school has submitted planning proposals for any sites in Edenbridge.

PL and MD left.


 7.  Affordable housing – CT proposed to the full Council, the setting up of a “HPC Affordable Housing working party”, which would be;

a)            To research, report and recommend as an advisory body to the full Council (under S102 powers 1972 LGA).  To be task specific and time limited.

b)            To examine an issue in detail, read reports and related materials, examine options, get advice for the Council.

c)            To act as experts and/or liaise with experts, which will include neighbouring parish and town Councils, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Sevenoaks District Council, ACRK (Action with Communities in Rural Kent).

d)            No funding or monies to be spent or committed without delegated authority or prior Full Council endorsement.

e)            Quorate: Minimum of 2 Councillors at each meeting and the proper officer (Clerk).  The core team is SS                        and CT.

f)            A Working Party does not meet in public, therefore Standing Orders are not applicable, although the                      Code of Conduct still applies.


The full Council agreed to this proposal.

CT advised that much time had been spent to date meeting with housing associations and further investigative work was required before recommending one if appropriate.  There is no contractual or financial relationship with HPC.

There may be a need to hold an extraordinary meeting of HPC.


8.  Elections – Note District and Parish Council elections May 2019.


9.  GDPR – CC discussed “gold standard” of GDPR requirements.  Although not legally obliged to instruct a Data Protection Officer, someone with the skills, time, knowledge, professional qualifications, independence and ability and willingness to take on the responsibility would still need to do the required work.  Discussions had regarding this and the option to fund encrypted laptops for each Cllr.

It was resolved for Clerk to; Discuss with other District Town and Parish Councils, undertake data audit and risk assessment within 6 months, item to remain on Agenda.  Cllrs. reminded that any resident communication should initially come via Clerk, otherwise Cllr. Is obliged to register (at a cost) with Information Commissioner Officer.


10.  Possible village party – Dates tbc. From Hever Castle (DL) and logistics / organisation.


11.  Relaunch of hever.org and The Link (Church magazine) – JW now editor of Link and HPC have changed website and now hosted by 1and1.  New diary and community pages to be publicised.  Council resolved to fund up to £200 for the re launch.


12. ? Event on field in Lydens Lane, Edenbridge – Clerk, Hever Residents Association and MD to continue to make contact with landowner (who had contact neighbours as part of consultation).


13.  Matters arising from previous minutes – no outstanding actions.


14i.  Planning and Licensing – update attached to agenda.


14ii.  Gatwick – No report.

15. Financial update – attached to agenda.

16. Urgent / other issues.    SS had a query from a resident in Four Elms regarding playground – why no basket swing.  Clerk advised of the process of equipment selection and why other equipment chosen in preference (less vandalism risk, cheaper etc.).

Resident asked about booking of Parish Rooms – Council advised that via FE school.


17.  Other correspondence for noting –attached to agenda.

KCC Household Waste Recycling Centre.  Council wished the Clerk to respond.

Meeting ended 8.45pm



NEXT MEETING  Wednesday 21st November   FOUR ELMS VILLAGE HALL 7.30 PM