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Agenda – Hever Parish Council meeting, HEVER Village Hall on THURSDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2019 commencing at 7.30pm

2019 NOV HPC agenda FINAL

including planning agenda (meeting at 7pm).


Draft minutes from Sept. 2019 meeting;

2019 Sept mtg draft


Finance update and budget proposal;

Nov 2019 update and budget proposal post mtg


Planning update;

2019 NOV Planning meeting update

Gatwick + 40%?! A meeting in Penshurst Friday 1st November 8pm

Penshurst Church
Tom Tugendhat MP will be joining us.
Gatwick recently announced plans to increase traffic by close to 40%. Partly through advances in technology, partly by bringing in their existing ‘standby’ runway for more frequent use.
And they want to ringfence land for a 3rd runway.
We have a plan.
Please come and hear what that is, give your feedback and help us in this mother of all contests for our skies. Makes everything we’ve done before feel like a skirmish in the foothills.
However with the help of the shifting sentiment towards air travel and airport expansion, I do believe we can win this. Well, not lose it.
The Reverend Tom Holme has graciously allowed us to use his church for the evening.
The agenda will be strictly aviation!
Martin Barraud & Crew

Draft minutes from Hever Parish Council meeting 17.09.19


Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 7.30PM.  Held at Markbeech Village hall.

There was no planning meeting due to lack of applications within the timetable.

Present:  Cllrs., John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Angela Haydon (AH) Bonnie White (BW), Christine Thompson (CT), Anita Sebastian (AS), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS), Stephen Lark (SL), Stephen Sadler (SS)

Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (CC, Clerk) and 2 members of the public. The meeting commenced at 7.30pm.


1.To receive apologies – Joanna Wade (JW) working, Matthew Dickins (MD) Sevenoaks District Councillor working at SDC.  These apologies were accepted and noted.

To receive declarations of interest in respect of items on the Agenda. To be specified per item.

  1. To approve accuracy of minutes from the previous meetings (Minutes from 16.07.19). Previously circulated draft minutes approved by all and signed by JH.
  2. Public Forum.
  • Four Elms resident JS attended to express concern regarding rumble strips (previously installed

safety measure) on roads leading out of village from the crossroads and the reported noise and vibration impact.  Has independently completed survey of residents to share with HPC and KCC.  KCC have already responded that if / when surface renewed (next financial year at earliest) then will review.  HPC have already completed their Highway improvement plan (HIP) to KCC for 2020 – 21 with item #2 being renewal of red friction surface. At that time, all the options for surfacing can be considered.  The reasons for the installation of the rumble strips discussed.

  • Another resident (JP) expressed concern at the speed of drivers through the village and lack of

police speed checks.

  • Four Elms resident Dave de Waal was unable to attend the meeting as planned and sent apologies

and notes for the Clerk to read out with more details of his proposed school holiday sports camp, with possible use of Four Elms recreation field.  Requesting access to ground for 2 days in October half term, ~ 3 hours a day, ~ 15 children, bring all own equipment, local children and employment, mindful of total public access and use at all times, insurance details submitted.  This was discussed at length – maintenance of grass (is by gardeners contracted by school) and playground / goal (HPC maintain), access for locals etc. whilst supporting local families who require childcare, local business and a healthy activity.  It was agreed that HPC would allow and support the 2 days in October half term, with a local Cllr. visiting the site and review future requests at the Nov. Mtg.

Noting MD apologies for this and Nov mtg. and his new position Continue reading

Agenda for Hever Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 17th September 7.30pm Markbeech village hall


To:       The Members of Hever Parish Council.  I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at MARKBEECH Village Hall on TUESDAY 17 TH SEPTEMBER 2019 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed; Clerk             Date   10.09.19  *attachment / printed copy

To assist in the speedy and efficient dispatch of business, please contact the Clerk in advance of the meeting if further factual information is required on an item on the Agenda.

  1. To receive apologies and declarations of interest in respect of business specified on the agenda.
  2. *To approve the accuracy of draft Minutes of the previous meeting (16.07.19) (Chair).
  3. Public Forum (10 minutes)

The Council will receive statements and questions from the public (this is the only opportunity for members of the public to make a contribution during the meeting) and for members with pecuniary interests to speak on items on the Agenda.

  • David De waal, Four Elms attending to propose school holiday sports camp (using Four Elms primary school and accessing Recreation ground).

Items for discussion / decision;

  1. Co – option of Duncan Leslie (DL) to post of Councillor, Hever ward, Hever Parish Council (following meeting on 16.07.19).

4i.        DL to confirm that qualified to hold office – meets the criteria for eligibility set out in s.9 of the 1972 Act and is not disqualified, pursuant to s.80 of the 1972 Act.

4ii.       Sign the declaration of acceptance of office in the presence of the Clerk / Cllr.

4iii.      Sign HPC Code of Conduct (2019).

4iii.      Register and declare pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests (within 28 days).

Note; if an interest is NOT entered onto the authority’s register, then the member must disclose the interest to any meeting of the authority at which they are present, where they have a disclosable interest in any matter being considered and where the matter is not a “sensitive interest”.  The Monitoring Officer must be notified then within 28 days.

  1. 5. *2020 – 2021 budget. Finance committee meeting (JH, HW, CC, AH) to be held in October.  Any proposals from the full Council relating to next year spending / projects and budget plans?

2019 – 2020 budget and finance update attached.


  1. Retirement of Dr. Morrison, Edenbridge medical centre. Does the Council wish to respond to

locals request to commemorate this event? Continue reading

Four Elms Harvest Supper

Four Elms Harvest Supper

Friday 27th September at 7.15 pm
in the Four Elms Village Hall with a  course meal.
£7 per adult, £3 per child (Family ticket 2 adults & 3 children £20)

Entertainment by The Goldfields, playing jazz, folk and swing music

Email fevhlunch@btinternet.com or call 01732 700 247 to book your place.

Is there a stile that needs replacing?


Hever Parish Council have considered and acted on a number of occasions in recent years, in response to residents and walkers’ requests, how to further promote and enhance the experience of walkers by having dog and user friendly pathways with clear access and signposting. This supports a positive, health, active lifestyle and local tourism. We have worked with local landowners, tourist attractions, walking groups and Kent County Council public rights of way officer.


Landowners are responsible for maintaining stiles and gates in a safe condition and to the required standard of repair in accordance with Section 146 of the Highways Act 1980.


Kent County Council are obliged to contribute a minimum of 25% towards the reasonable cost of maintenance.

This contribution has traditionally been through the provision of the materials necessary for the repair.  To assist in reducing the burden on landowners the County Council is willing to provide a self-closing gate (cost price £130.00) for the landowners’ installation. Continue reading

The HRA Scarecrow Competition has been extended to 8th September

You now have until 8th September to enter

All you have to do is:

1. Make a Scarecrow and put it outside your house by 8th September
2. Tell us you have entered by emailing your name, your Scarecrow’s name and your address to hra@hever.org
3. Vote for your favourite Scarecrow at the phone box on Uckfield Lane or email hra@hever.orgVoting will start on the 12th September and finish on the 22nd September.

Winners will be announced at the SCARECROW PARTY!!! to be held at Hever Village Hall
Sunday 29th September 3 – 5pm


Hever Barn Dance

The Hever Barn Dance is on Sat 7th September and we’d love to see as many of you there as possible. Great family fun! So grab you hats, polish your boots and join us! Tickets are now on sale here



Theft at St. Paul’s Church, Four Elms

During the past week, we are not sure when as it is open on a daily basis from morning to early afternoon, our beautiful Church was robbed.

The brass ornate pulpit rails were removed from the stone stairs, a hanging candelabra in the sanctuary, fortunately one was left, and two silver plate flower vases were stolen.   Likewise, probably the water from the vases was strewn over the altar kneeling cushions leaving them badly marked.  If you know anything about this incident would be please contact:

Kent Police 01622 690690 Incident Ref: 17-0575


You may query why the Church is left open each day. It is the policy of the PCC and Rochester Diocese that our Church is an open door to anyone and everyone.   It was founded over 100 years ago as “The Little House of Goodwill” and it remains so to this day.   Its interior decorations are considered, by academic Art Historians, to be a great example of the Arts and Crafts movement, founded by William Morris. All were gifts by generous residents of Four Elms Village and we are saddened that such a robbery has occurred, the first to our knowledge, at this time.

We continue to welcome all who wish to enter our beautiful Church and while “things” may have been stolen the heart of the Church is in good repair.


HPC / HRA report on how to spend £30,000 at Hever station.

GTR report on how to spend £ 30,000 at Hever station.  August 2019 GTR report Hever 2019

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