To:     The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at HEVER VILLAGE HALL on Tuesday 21st November 2017 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed;           Clerk     Date   16.11.17  *attachment / printed copy

  1. To receive apologies (JH, AH).
  2. Declarations of interest in respect of business specified on the agenda.
  3. *To approve the accuracy of Minutes of the previous meeting (JW).
  4. Public Forum (10 minutes)

Items for discussion / decision;

  1. *Four Elms pond – to hear summary of concerns from residents about use of pond and consider solutions (Clerk and Cllrs.)
  1. *Grant applications – to consider any received
  1. To receive report from SDC Family Fun Day Evaluation Report (Clerk)
  2. Post licensing event meetings re; Leefest and Into the Wild update (Clerk)
  3. Police staffing update. (Clerk) PCSO Simon Humphreys. Police Community Support Officer covering Edenbridge and the surrounding villages.
  4. SDC Premises licence tracker – Kentish Horse – 17/03883/LAPRE. Deadline 23.11.17 (RBS)
  5. Feedback from attendance at Sevenoaks District Housing Forum (SS)
  6. Clerk Annual review and pay review (JW)
  7. *Finance committee (JW / Clerk);
  8. a) Appointment of Angela Haydon to Committee
  9. b) *Proposal of Terms of Reference and *Financial Regulations
  10. c) *update on year to date accounts and
  11. d) *proposed budget for 2018 – 2019.
  12. Four Elms playground plans. To update on finances and plans for consultation, design and timetable (Clerk)
  13. Gatwick update (SL / DL / RBS)To determine matters arising from the previous minutes for updating / noting (JW)


Items for updating on / for information;

  1. *Planning and licensing; applications responded to and outcomes – attached to agenda.
  1. *Financial update – attached to agenda.
  1. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda (not for decision making or with financial implications) (JW)
  1. Other correspondence for noting / Consultations

The Boundary Commission for England is currently conducting a review of parliamentary constituencies The deadline for comments to the Boundary Commission is 11 December 2017.

Kent County Council regarding their consultation on their Draft Budget Strategy 2018/2019.  KCC is having to find an estimated £66m in savings. We would encourage your council to respond to KCC by the 3 December deadline. Kent County Council is consulting on its draft budget strategy for 2018/19 and the associated council tax proposals.
Please visit to take part.

As Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott sets the strategic priorities for Kent Police.

Earlier this year he published Safer in Kent: The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan. The plan is kept under constant review and is regularly updated in line with what local communities want.
Mr Scott wants to know what matters most to you, so we are requesting that you please take a few minutes to fill out our short survey and that you encourage your friends, family and colleagues to complete it as well. The survey can be completed online here, and is available in numerous languages simply by clicking the ‘Select Language’ button on the website.

You do not need to provide your name or any contact details if you do not wish to.

If you would prefer the survey in a paper format, we can post copies out to you. Simply email us at or call 01622 677055.

Financial update, till end September.


Sept Gross Net VAT
08.09.17 HCS Grass cutting Hever 162 135 27
08.09.17 Viking office supplies 150.22 125.18 25.04
08.09.17 KALC Cllr. booklets 7.5 7.25 0.25
08.09.17 B Groves Caretaker works 127.5 127.5 0
08.09.17 C Cole Salary and costs 930.84 930.84 0
08.09.17 C Cole Reimburse Hever defib 1579.32 1284 295.32


  1. A)  1st September balance in account;                                                         £27,979 (but note £13 Kis saved grant FE money)
  2. B)  Expected income for rest of financial year;                                       INCOME; £20,030 

Second half of precept                                                                                                       TOTAL    £48,009

Grant for FE agreed to but not received (£1,430)

VAT rebate

  1. C)  Committed / expected spend for rest of this financial year;

Bills (installation of defib etc.)

Grants received being held for playground (£13k)

Monthly running costs (£2,500 / month)

Grants (£5k)- awaiting from school and halls

Top up FE playground fund (was to decide this in Jan) (£5,000)

Contingency (£1,000)

TOTAL COSTS; £42,500

So end of financial year, if we spend all of B (which includes agreeing to 5k to playground) then on paper would be underspend of £5,509.

To:     The Members of Hever Parish Council Planning Committee

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at HEVER VILLAGE HALL on Tuesday 21 st November 2017 commencing at 7.10pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

1) The Thatched Cottage, Hever Road TN8 7NH Se/17/02773/FUL

Replacement outbuilding.

Deadline 24.11.17

2) Fairholme Farm, Cowden Pound Road Se/17/03346/HOUSE

Demolition of rear extension, side garage and outbuildings.  Erection of a rear extension…..porch, ancillary accommodation, garage…..

Deadline 21.11.17

3) Land north of Syliards Farm, Five Fields Lane, Four Elms Kent.  Se/17/02260/ LDCEX

Change of use of land and buildings from equestrian to part equestrian / commercial workshop / garage / storage in breach of condition 2 on planning permission 90 /1388 and stationing of residential caravan.

Deadline 04.12.17

4) 4 Lodgewood Cottages, Hever Road, Hever TN8 7NP SE/17/03407/HOUSE

Erection of garage.

Deadline 01.12.17

5) Willow Cottage, How Green Lane, Hever, Kent TN8 7NN SE/17/03549/LDCEX

A lawful development certificate is sought for an existing use if garage.

Deadline 01.12.2017


Planning update;

Edenbridge Garden village plans dropped by Tandridge Council