10. Young People

10.1 We asked if people used the Four Elms playground. 176 people answered the question. 24 said they did use the playground, 152 did not. 126 gave their reasons.

For 98 this was because they had no need of a playground or had alternatives closer to home.

(64 had no need of a playground, too old, no children etc; 7 had no need, used own garden; 7 used Hever castle; 20 said it wasn’t local to them).

10 didn’t know it existed. 

The remaining 18 said as follows:

  • 7 said playground not suitable for young children/needs more equipment for them
  • 5 said Playground unappealing and needs better equipment
  • 1 said the playground was not suitable for pre schoolers and not interesting for older children
  • 1 said the playground was too basic; Too tucked away in furthest corner
  • 1 said that they always have to collect up a lot of litter from the overflowing bin. Dog mess is also a concern
  • 1 Lonely and bins always overflowing. Limited facilities
  • 2 Lack of parking, old fashioned equipment, isolated

10.2      We asked whether people would use a playground in Hever or Mark Beech

  • 144 answered of which 33%, 48 people said yes
  • 12 people from Mark Beech answered this of which 4 said yes
  • 73 from Hever answered of which 31 said yes

10.3      We asked if there was any other facility that would be of interest. The following all got one vote: 


These had more popular support. 




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