12. Travel

12 Travel

 12.1 We asked what is your main mode of transport. Figures shown below.



12.2 The bus



12.3 The train 





12.3 Door to door transport services


Do you use local minibus services or any voluntary transport schemes? 

Of 223 people who answered this question only 3 used such services.

We asked why people didn’t use these services.

54 people answered;

  • 2 thought the services didn’t meet their needs
  • 42 said they had no need of them
  • 8 said they didn’t know about these schemes
  • 1 said they didn’t meet the criteria

We asked whether anyone needed information on the schemes.

10 said yes and details of the various schemes have been sent to them.

We asked if anyone would be willing to volunteer as a driver

14 people said they might be, these people were contacted and 3 are now active volunteer drivers for Edenbridge Voluntary Transport. Edenbridge Voluntary Transport are delighted with this result!

12.4    Roads

We asked if there were any parking issues

Four Elms – 24 people highlighted problems that can be summarised as  “Four Elms : at school pick up time, outside the village hall, near the shops and parking on the pavements –  all problems”

“The parking area which is shared by the School, Cricket Club and Church is potentially dangerous and needs to be covered with tarmac at the very least. Ideally a pathway between the cars and the hedge would be put in place to keep children away from the road and make it much safer for the children going to and from school.”

One commented as follows “On B2042 nr FE crossroads. Coming from Hever it is impossible to see traffic on main road due to parked cars Suggest roundabout or traffic lights with ‘default’ green on B road with pads on Pootings Rd”

3 people complained about the horse box parked permanently on Five Fields Lane.

Hever – 7 people raised concerns about the impact of castle visitor parking on the village  “I am worried about the use on a daily basis of Paddock Field and the possibility that the Castle might use Forge Field for 28 days as allowed, when they have so much land they could use behind the Castle. With that field being used, the coach park being used daily, the Henry now being well utilised( good) and the school parents parking( the school is now full, I believe) that there should be a better plan for the centre of the village to avoid it looking like a massive car park.”

8 people referred to Central Hever being congested especially at Hever School pick up time.

There were mixed views about the use of the pub car park. One felt that “The Henry’s car park needs resurfacing and needs to be available for villagers as it was in the past.” While another said “Yes pub car park. School run can be an issue, walkers and visitors to Hever who aren’t using the pub an issue, whilst from a business perspective it can prove advantageous to have a busy car park it can also have negative effects, causing people to think it will be too busy, consequently losing business.”

6 people mentioned problems at Parsons Croft. One commented “Yes, Parsons Croft is dreadful and unacceptable. Would it be possible to ask the council to use part of the green for parking or perhaps the Diocese could be approached to put up garages in the field behind the rectory”

One person made this point “Parking should NOT be free at Hever station. The car park will be filled with people trying to escape car parking fees at Edenbridge station. Furthermore it is expensive to upkeep a car park – it SHOULD be paid for.”

Mark Beech

One said that the Mark Beech crossroads can be overcrowded

12.5 Cycling

12.6 We asked what you would like to see done about the problem. Of those who felt there was an issue with cyclists they commented as follows


We asked if there were any major danger spots on roads in the Parish?

Several people mentioned pot holes and cracks in the roads in general

These were the comments about roads in Four Elms


These from Hever


And these from Mark Beech


We asked if you thought speeding a problem and if so where

228 people responded (out of 301), of which 25 said they did not think speeding was a problem and the rest said yes with varying degrees of detail given.

We asked if you would like to see speed restrictions introduced 


We asked what do you think of the state of the roads



We asked if there are any road repairs that need to be done. Lots of people said there were too many to list. These are the specific areas mentioned.




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