5. Sport and Leisure

5.1 Sport

We asked whether you take part in the following sports.


5.2 We asked what other sports you do. The answers were as follows (from 55 respondents)


5.3 We asked what you would play if there were facilities available.


5.4 We asked if you used your local village hall for sports/leisure


5.5 We asked what you used it for


5.6 We asked what other sporting/leisure activities you would like to see in your village hall.



5.7 We asked why your family doesn’t use the Four Elms recreation ground or the Hever Parish field

16 people said they didn’t know they could use these. That Hever Parish field appears gated and Four Elms seems only to be for the use of the school. “We didn’t know we were allowed to use them or who to apply to – would love to invite friends for a game of football or rounders if the land is available for hire/use?”

34 people said that they didn’t use the grounds because of the lack of facilities. 6 complained specifically that Four Elms rec lacks facilities for young children and wasn’t welcoming- “Four Elms Recreation Ground is a poor example of it’s kind ,small with unambitious structures in a forlorn spot in the village”

6 noted that Hever Parish field had no playground “Hever parish field has no parking facilities so can only be used by people within walking distance”

54 said they didn’t use the grounds because they had no need to – reasons varied, age, own gardens, using Hever Castle etc. 7 lived too far from the grounds to make using them convenient

42 people said they regularly used one of the fields and some disagreed with the question thinking that the fields were well used and needed no further enhancement. “I beg to differ. Living opposite Hever Parish field it is used regularly. Just this weekend, we were playing rugby, there was a chap flying his model aircraft and a couple having a picnic “

 Footpaths and bridleways

5.8 We asked if you use the bridleways and footpaths


5.9  We asked how your experience could be improved.

Various comments were made as follows


5.10 We asked which stiles should be replaced by gates. Several people said they all should. Others wanted to keep all the stiles. One wanted all the stiles lowered. As to specific comments…


5.11 We asked if you would volunteer to walk, maintain and report problems on footpaths.

102 out of 302 returns said yes.

5.12 Equestrian




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