8. Environment


8.1  We asked how would you like the look of the villages to be enhanced. These were the responses.

8.1 8.2  Would you be prepared to help eg litter picking, clearing paths and verges or gardening communal areas?

50 people said they might.


We asked the reason why you don’t recycle as much as you would like.

The message was that more publicity was needed to explain what can be recycled and where.

8.4  We asked what you would like to recycle that you can’t.

58 people said plastics, tetrapaks and/or polystyrene were the problems.

Charles Nouhan the recycling manager at Sevenoaks District Council responds:

“Tetrapak (drinks cartons) – no, polystyrene, no, plastic bags – bring them back to the supermarket, where most of the big chains take them back, and trays, no.

The Tetrapak issue is a complicated one.  the Kent Waste Partnership (of which SDC is a partner) assessed the possibility of including Tetrapak and other drinks cartons in collection schemes beginning back in June 2007. We meet with Tetrapak representatives on two occasions.

The plan was to include drinks cartons in weekly kerbside collections. It has however been determined that to do so in Kent is not practical, and to some extent not the best way to deal with drinks cartons.  Why?

1. A waste audit conducted in October 2007 throughout the 12 local authority areas and Medway determined that only 0.38% of the waste found in residual waste (black sacks and refuse bins) was drinks cartons – that’s less than 1/2 of 1% by weight. Why so little? Kent authorities have for years been encouraging residents to buy drinks in recyclable containers – such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans rather than drinks cartons. And is seems to be working.  A second waste audit in December 2008 came to much the same conclusion – low volume of drinks containers in residents waste.

2. Based on such small amounts it is not economically or environmentally viable to have a separate collection scheme for the material. The cost – financially and environmentally – to collect, separate, transport twice, and separate the materials – is very high. In short, it is not easy and therefore not economical to recycle a packaging that is made of multiple materials bonded together.

3. Kent’s residual waste (black sacks and so on) has been used as fuel rather than sent to landfill since 2008. It is sent to an energy from waste facility (EfW) near Maidstone to generate electricity. Drinks cartons – a tonne of which has the equivalent energy value as 1/4 tonne of fossil fuels such as coal – are therefore used to generate steam for electrical generation rather than be recycled.

So it is economically and environmentally beneficial – at least in Kent – to use drinks cartons for fuel rather than recycle them.

Polystyrene is not found in large enough quantities to make a kerbside collection viable.  And – because of the bulk and lightweight nature of the material – it is not economically viable to have banks at recycling bring sites.  Like drinks cartons, at present it is better to put it in the black sack.

Food trays are different.  Although not recyclable in a big way now, the move is towards including them – they are known as the hard mixed plastics – in kerbside schemes in the future.  Once we can accept them in the clear sacks, we will make it known in a big way.  For now, the only household plastics that we can accept for recycling is plastic bottles – all kinds.”

For more information go to the website: http://www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/environment/rubbish_waste_and_recycling/recycling/default.asp

Or ring SDC on 01732 227000

Glass can be recycled at a number of bottle banks in the areas, including the Coop car park in Edenbridge and the Nomads Fotball Club car park.  The only bank in the parish is in the Castle car park in Hever behind the Henry VIII.  Clothes, old electricals and much more can be recycled at the tip off Main Road, Sundridge near the slip road onto the A21/M25

Some people enquired about recycling food waste, SDC’s website gives information on home composting.

8.5  Rubbish


SDC’s website says of fly tipping:

If you want to report fly tipping please note the following information.

SDC can only remove waste that has been dumped on its own land and household waste (e.g. sofas, carpets, mattresses and cookers) that has been dumped on the public highway. We aim to clear waste that we are responsible for within five working days from it being reported to us but this may take longer when we are very busy. If you wish to tell us about some waste that you think is our responsibility please telephone 01732 227000.

If commercial waste (such as tyres, building materials etc) is dumped on the highway, please report it directly to Kent County Council on 08458 247 800.

If the waste is on private land (e.g. fields, gateways, drives or private car parks), it is the responsibility of the landowner and will not be removed by us, unless we are requested to do so by the landowner.

Waste on a Public Right of Way (PROW) should be reported to the Kent County Council on 0845 345 0210.

Any waste on motorways or trunk roads should be reported to the Highways Agency, please see link to Highways Agency website

The Council works in partnership with Kent County Council and the 11 other district and borough councils in the county as part of the Clean Kent Campaign.

The Clean Kent Campaign combines the resources of a number of agencies, including the Environment Agency, Kent Police and Kent Fire & Rescue Service to deal with problems such as litter, fly tipping and the dumping of abandoned vehicles that occur across the county. It also employs a county-wide enforcement team to investigate large scale fly tipping incidents.

Aircraft noise

8.6 We asked if people were troubled by the noise. 282 people answered this question.

Hever residents replied as follows: 135 answered this question

  • 57 troubled by noise
  • 29 not troubled
  • 50 troubled to some extent


Four Elms – 103 replied to this question

  • 14 troubled by noise
  • 67 not troubled
  • 22 troubled to some extent

Mark Beech – 24 residents replied to this question

  • 4 troubled by noise
  • 7 not troubled
  • 13 troubled to some extent

8.7 Do you have particular concerns about aircraft noise?

100 people expressed concern about night flights, low flying planes, the volume of traffic and summer flights.

“too many, too low, too loud

“My house shakes as planes fly over”

“Constant aircraft noise is the curse of Hever and a risk to health”

No, it is the price of having LGW so conveniently close to use “

8.8 Deer 

Are they a problem and if so what would you like done?

54 responders suggested a cull

14 Four Elms residents felt deer were a problem and most advocated a cull.

18 Mark Beech residents felt deer were a problem and most advocated a cull.

27 Hever residents felt deer were a problem and most advocated a cull.

8.9 Allotments




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