9. Local Government



Would you be prepared to pay more precept in order to get more done?

Yes but no more than…55 people answered this question. 37 of these suggested a maximum as shown below

9.2 11 wanted to know what would be achieved before committing. The remaining 6 said as follows: 

  • half my current council tax. I believe firmly that powers need to be devolved to local level.
  • I need to see that the PC represent the views of the community (I am not really sure what it does) before committing ie this survey is a good idea
  • If I knew the ratio of standing overheads (clerk etc)
  • More should eb paid to the Parish but it should not result in higher council tax as this is already far too high for the services we receive
  • Subject to the council taking a more obvious roll in Hever
  • Would need to be good benefit to community

9.3  Finally we asked if you would like to stand for election to the Parish Council

12 people replied. Some are already on the council. Their details have been passed to the clerk



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