Hever parish, the three villages of Four Elms, Hever and Markbeech is a unit of local government, and its churches together make up the United Benefice of Hever. Whilst all share the characteristic of being much loved by their residents, they are otherwise very different and one size rarely fits all. This plan recognises that fact and does not aim to homogenise the parish; instead it aims to enable each village to develop as a community and to plan for the future of this beautiful area.

The questionnaire

The Parish Plan Questionnaire was written following open meetings in the three villages where the main issues to explore were identified and a copy was sent to each adult on the electoral roll, the congregations of the churches and to “involved others”. We had responses from 205 households, 47% of the Parish, and from 12 households outside the parish boundary. Not everyone answered every question. The responses were mainly in by Christmas 2011 and during 2012 they were collated and discussed.

If you have any questions about the Parish Plan or would like to get involved – please contact: parishplan@hever.org

The Results

A PDF of the abridged version of the Parish Plan can be found here: The Parish Plan PDF this is a summary of the information that was collated or you can see more detail by clicking on the links below:

  1. The Basics
  2. What Do You Love About the Area?
  3. Communications
  4. Village Amenities
  5. Sport and Leisure
  6. Local Business
  7. Schools
  8. Environment
  9. Local Government
  10. Young People
  11. Crime
  12. Travel
  13. Churches
  14. Planning
  15. Housing