Thursday 14th July 2020 at 7.30PM.  Held via zoom video call.


Present, Angela Haydon (AH), Bonnie White (BW), John Hodson (JH) Chair, Stephen Lark (SL), Duncan Leslie (DL), Joanna Wade (JW)

Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (CC, Clerk) and 3 members of the public. The meeting commenced at 7.30pm.


1. Apologies received and accepted.  Stephen Sadler (SS) away, Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS) away.

2.The Council approved the accuracy of draft Minutes of the previous meeting (11.06.20) and signed by Chair.

3 / 4. Public Forum – One Four Elms resident raised concerns regarding the speed of traffic noting the increase

in cyclists, families, pedestrians and horses on the Bough Beech road and surrounds. Narrow hedges, concealed

entrances etc.  Issues were discussed and resolved that the Clerk would liaise with KCC Member (Peter Lake)

and the resident to explore the issues further and what action possible.

Matthew Dickins (SDC Cllr.) updated on SDC issues and invited any questions.


Items for discussion / decision;


5i.        Councillor vacancies.  Update on Four Elms ward vacancy – BW updated that had been in contact with Four Elms school teachers / Governors and parents to promote the vacancy. AH suggested Clerk re-join the “Next door” online group to promote the vacancy.

5ii.       To receive the resignation of Anita Sebastian (Hever ward), with immediate effect.  The Clerk advised of the procedure to advertise vacancy and if no by election called, then will be able to co – opt.

5iii.      Do any of the Councillors have training IT needs they wish the Clerk to arrange? – none.

6.         Financial update. Receipts and payments since last update & accounts and statement reconciliation received and noted.

7.         No grant applications received.

8.         Updated membership of committees. – BW to join the Finance and Employment Committee (with Chair, Vice Chair and Clerk).  The Clerk wished to highlight to the Council that the busy Planning Committee consisted of SS, AH, RBS and DL so any new Cllrs. may wish to be involved in planning matters.

9.         Parish wide and District volunteer scheme update – SDC scheme will end at the end of September.  Clerk liaising with SDC to contact volunteers and any locals still receiving help to manage transition.

10.       Four Elms pond – further options were discussed to further encourage responsible behaviour by those fishing, having taken legal advice it was resolved not to consider a byelaw at this stage – for a number of reasons e.g. alternative legislative measures already exists to address the problem of illegal behaviour, whether a magistrate would be supportive that a byelaw was necessary / not excessive or disproportionate, significant consultation would be required (not just with those living in the local area), issues of enforcement and whether behaviour would change etc.

11.       Planning; applications responded to and outcomes – attached to agenda.

12.       Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda.  Chair

requested an update on heritage fingerpost signage – Clerk had requested quotes.

13.       GDPR – to update any developments or actions required. None.

14.       To determine matters arising from the previous minutes for updating / noting – none



15.       Consultations / Other Correspondence.

·         Thanks from ex Councillor Christine Thompson for the card.

·         Resolved to hold scheduled 22nd September meeting in person at planned venue of Hever village hall.  Clerk advised the Council that it hadn’t met in Four Elms since March 2019.  AH advised that sadly the Four Elms village hall was already booked on 22.09 so was resolved to continue with the Hever venue.


Items for updating on / for information;

  • Hever parish field hut renovation works – scheduled for early August.
  • Four Elms playground re opened from 4th July.


16.       Consultations / Other Correspondence.

Gatwick update (SL, RBS, DL).  Clerk reported back from attendance at Roundtable meeting regarding Gatwick Northern Runway Project – 19th February 2020.  DL expressed concern as to why the few planes that were currently flying were passing over Hever.

Council tax breakdown for Hever Parish for 2020 – 2021.

Ward demographics summary (Clerk) discussed and Clerk to share electronically with Cllrs.

Council for Protection of Rural England CPRE Committee – the Council did not wish to nominate a Cllr. to be representative

JW – advised that Hever village hall Chair to be appointed soon and will likely lead renovation / funding drive.

JW asked for editorial / articles for the Link magazine, especially any from Four Elms.


The zoom meeting ended 8.40pm.



2020 Parish Council scheduled meetings

MONTH           DATE               DAY                 LOCATION                               EVENT

SEPT                22                    TUES                HVH                                         Mtg

NOV                 26                    THURS               MBVH                                     Mtg


Planning meeting 7pm, full meeting 7.30pm (unless stated otherwise)