Present:  Cllrs. John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Anita Sebastian (AS), Duncan Leslie (DL), Louise Nightingale (LN), Bonnie White (BW), Stephen Lark (SL), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS), Joanna Wade (JW)(Vice Chair) arrived after item #4.

Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (Clerk), Matthew Dickins (MD) (District Councillor for Cowden and Hever) and Mr. Gerry Ryan (GR)(Hever Residents Assoc.).       The meeting commenced at 7.00pm.


Numbers as per items on agenda;


1. To receive apologies. John Southworth (JS), ), Christine Thompson (CT)

2. To receive declarations of interest in respect of items on the Agenda. To be specified per item.

3. To approve accuracy of minutes from the previous meeting.  Approved by all and signed by JH.

4. Public Forum


– Lindsey Eaton (LE), Eden valley footpath groups presented on the history and function of the group, which is in addition to KCC responsibilities.  Recommended any faults / issues to be logged directly with KCC online.  Nicky Biddell is KCC Public Rights of Way Officer.  Encouraged publicity for local way marking walks and ? volunteers from parish.  The Council thanked LE for attending and her presentation.


ACTION; Clerk to continue to liaise with LE and publicise on website / noticeboards.


7.17pm Hannah Gooden (HG)(Planning Policy Team Leader, SDC) arrived.  7.20pm LE left.


– HG presented on some of the most relevant current planning studies, including the SDC local plan (20 year); first draft due Summer 2017, call for sites and neighbourhood planning.  If interested, HPC may wish to consider a village design statement (see Otford example) or work recently launched by Sevenoaks Town Council.  Noted that Markbeech Conservation Appraisal dated 2003 – time to review?  A discussion was had regarding housing needs locally.

The Council thanked HG for attending and her presentation.


ACTION; Clerk to add to agenda for next meeting and planning committee (DL, CT, AS, LN) to consider.


GR Reported that the red BT phone box was now disconnected and empty.  Quotes being obtained for renovation.  HPC own.  No decision on where it to be located.


ACTION; Clerk to check previous records of who liable / agreed to fund repairs etc. as HPC felt was HRA.


MD reported dates for Leefest 10 – 13 August 2017, no licence application in as yet, but likely before Christmas.  Encouraged all to complete SDC Housing needs survey.  Deadline 29.11.16.  Residents concern re; HGV’s using Pigdown Lane and whether HPC would fund advisory sign.  Concerns by HPC that excess street furniture, if it is local traffic and advisory only, whether would be adhered to?

ACTION; Clerk to add to agenda for January 2017 to discuss further and MD to invite concerned residents.


6. MD declared interest as Aide for Gregg Clarke MP.  HPC discussed the Boundary Commission for England 2018 proposals, where HPC would move from Tonbridge to T. Wells constituency.

ACTION; Clerk to submit response to BCE consultation that preference to continue with status quo.


5.  Budget 2017 – 2018.  JH led discussions around the categories of the budget, proposals and options.



7.  Grant application from Relate and West Kent Mind, which was supported.

ACTION; Clerk to action grant request.


8.  Hever Parish Field.  Clerk advised of recent local Unauthorised Encampments and possible risk to relocate to Hever.  Council agreed to lock gate and to ensure all relevant parties have access / consulted with (including SDC).


ACTION; Clerk to action / proceed.


9. Consultation requests; Clerk to respond to Policing, Highways and KCC budget ones.

10.  Twinning request.  Discussed and agreed that no formal twinning encouraged between HPC.


ACTION; Clerk to publicise links on Website etc. and suggest Tipperary district make direct contact with Castle.


11.  Defibrillator update; Four Elms in situ (funded by HPC).  Hever (funded by Clive Pearman, KCC) decided to go onto village hall.  Need to ensure training, insurance list, etc.


ACTION; Clerk to action plans for Four Elms, Hever jointly and launch officially.


12.  Clerk updated on sourcing of grant s; Hever station planting (GT railway), ongoing work on Four Elms playground, 50% of cost of refurbishment of Markbeech bus shelter (KCC).


13Matters arising;


CT / AS / RBS to bring to next meeting proposals for assets of community value to consider listing.

Clerk updated; caretaking work (3 formal responses from advert) and Bobby Groves (contractor in Four Elms) will be first contact initially from January 2017, who has already undertaken works to Hever shed (broken into) and Markbeech bus shelter.  Reference and covering letter shared with Cllrs.

KCC Highways won’t re paint white lines by Hever bus stop as road not side enough.

Hever field; electrics and tree removed.


14 / 16.   Financial and planning update; attached with agenda.  No queries.


15.  Other correspondence for noting;


PCSO had been undertaking speed checks at Four Elms, letter sent to every driver doing over 36mph.

Four Elms family fun day; 79 children attended.

Four Elms MP surgery 30th September; success, 8 individual appointments.  Plan to host 2 every year.

Hever road to be gritted this year, to request the 25kg salt / sand bags from Highways.

Flytipping cameras / warning signs along Lydens Lane, Hever.

11/11/18 WW1 Beacons of Light tribute.  D/W HRA.

Edenbridge Town Council have Community warden with 8 hours / month spare capacity. ? HPC interested to fund.  Decision was no.


17.  Gatwick update by SL; last HWCAAG meeting cancelled.  2nd runway approved at Heathrow.  Focus to remain on local noise and increase in easterly take offs.


18.  Request for MD to update on the Flytipping enforcement officer at the next meeting please.

The meeting ended at 8.36 pm.


The next Full Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for 17 th JANUARY 2017 in Hever Village Hall.