Ditches on private land are the responsibility of the land owner. It is NOT the responsibility of Kent County Council, Sevenoaks District Council or Hever Parish Council to maintain ditches on private land.

It is the responsibility of the land owner to look after such ditches, and they have a responsibility to ensure that they do not get filled in or become blocked. If a ditch on private land that runs alongside a public road becomes blocked, causing that public road to flood, KCC will send a letter to the land owner. The letter recommends that the owner takes action and arranges any work that is needed to clear the ditch. If the owner doesn’t do this, there are legal steps that KCC can take to make sure it happens, but this is a last resort.

If you have ditches on your land that are by the edge of a road we recommend that you have them inspected regularly to check that they are not becoming blocked. Any work should be done by a competent and fully insured professional.