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Hever Parish Council Spring Dates, Council elections and Green tokens!

Spring Dates

Saturday 20th April Parish Council Litter pick – Four Elms village hall 9.30am and Markbeech village hall 12.30pm.  All equipment and refreshments provided, please wear sensible clothes and footwear.  Thank you for joining in!

NEW EVENT Wednesday 24th April 7pm Markbeech village hall – Neverworld (music festival held in Hever / Chiddingstone) are presenting to the community their plans for this years event (1 – 4 August).  Hever Parish council work closely with Chiddingstone Parish Council, Sevenoaks District Council licensing and our District Cllr. to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Tuesday 7th May 7.30pm Hever Parish Council Annual General Meeting, Hever village hall (full Agenda will be on website and noticeboards the week before)  All most welcome.

Thursday 23rd May Hever Parish Council Annual Assembly – doors open 6pm, speakers from 7.30pm.  Four Elms village hallAll most welcome – speakers to include Dr. Morrison (to update on Edenbridge Medical centre plans), English Rural Housing Association (Affordable housing provider).  Displays on what achieved during the last year and suggestions gratefully received for plans for the next year/s. Come and meet your Councillors.  Refreshments provided.

All of May – Waitrose green tokens – please support the ongoing renovation of Four Elms playground!  We are hoping to purchase more sensory equipment for youngsters – which will especially help those with sensory impairments. Thank you for your support.

and finally, to advise that 9 of the 10 existing Hever Parish Councillors have been re – elected (uncontested) to Hever Parish Council.  So a huge thanks to them for volunteering their time and efforts for a further 4 years.  These are totally unpaid roles and we owe them much for trying to improve life for our Community.

Follow us on Facebook (Hever Parish Council), www.hever.org.

Do you care about where you live? Are you passionate about your community? If so, you could make a great local Councillor. Stand for election and make a local change.



Local council is a universal term for community, village, neighbourhood, parish and town councils. They are the first tier of local government and are statutory bodies. They serve communities and are elected by residents. They can raise their own precept (a form of council tax). Continue reading

Fabulous new playground in Four Elms!

The Parish Council have spent many years saving and grant sourcing to be able to entirely replace the outdated play equipment in the only public space in Four Elms village. It is located behind the primary school and is used daily by school children and locals.

A new rural ground surface has been installed (GrassLok under the turf) and the 1960’s metal play equipment has been replaced to make an inclusive play space for under and over 5’s. This includes sensory play items so that the playground is inclusive to all.

The aspiration is to improve Continue reading

Hever Parish Council – Meetings 2019

Hever Parish Council – Meetings 2019

Planning meetings 7pm, full meeting 7.30pm

March  Wednesday             20th   Four Elms village hall


Thursday                  2nd       District and Parish Council ELECTIONS

Tuesday                    7th       Annual General Meeting Hever village hall

Thursday                  23rd     Annual General Assembly                          Four Elms village hall (6pm doors open, speakers from 7.30pm)


Tuesday                    16th     Hever village hall

Wednesday 31st     FREE Family fun day          10 – 2pm Markbeech village hall


Monday                    12th     FREE Family fun day          10 – 2pm Hever village hall


Tuesday                    17th     Markbeech village hall


Thursday                  21st     Hever village hall

 See www.hever.org or Facebook (Hever Parish Council) for Agenda or contact the Clerk with any queries or items for agenda clerk@hever.org / 01732 865547

Hever Parish Council – Call for Sites for Local Needs Homes.

“For many rural households, finding somewhere affordable in their local community remains a barrier. Small developments of local needs housing schemes can provide affordable housing for local people, thereby enabling them to stay in their community and contribute to village life.”
December 2014, the Rural Housing Alliance
Following the parish wide housing needs survey carried out in May 2018 (a survey was posted to every household) (1) by an independent Rural Housing Enabler (2), Hever Parish Council is working with English Rural Housing Association (3) to propose the development of a small scheme of eight affordable homes for local (4) people. This may include a range and combination of one bedroom flats to 3 bedroom homes, depending on the needs of locals (a second stage housing needs survey will be done in 2019).
These schemes are built on ‘exception sites’; this is land which wouldn’t usually be allocated by the planning authority (Sevenoaks District Council) for housing but can be considered for affordable housing to meet a proven local need. These homes will be for rent and shared ownership sale and can never be sold on the open market; remaining as homes only for locals forever. The Parish Council is currently looking at possible suitable sites in the Parish and there will be full Consultation on any proposals of course.
We would also like to hear from Landowners who might have a suitable site for an affordable housing proposal. Ideally, it would be located close to Four Elms, Hever or Markbeech and be a minimum of three quarters of an acre in size. In some cases, land has been gifted as a legacy to the Community by landowners who wish to support such projects.
Please submit details of your site to the Parish Council Clerk (clerk@hever.org) – deadline 28 February 2019.
For more information; 

For more information;

Summary of the 2018 Housing Needs survey; http://hever.org/973-2

Rural Housing Alliance http://ruralhousingalliance.net/

Sevenoaks District Council Core Strategy February 2011

Sevenoaks District 2017 Local Housing Needs study

Kent Rural Homes Protocal www.kenthousinggroup.org.uk


Campaign to Protect Rural England www.cpre.org.uk/


REFERENCES / Further information

  • See hever.org/heverparishcouncil for details of previously published survey and results

As a parish council, we are obliged to undertake a housing needs survey every 5 years.  The motivation for HPC is to respond to the local need identified and to ensure that any affordable homes built in the parish are for local benefit.  Currently, those locals in housing need and on the housing register are part of the Sevenoaks District housing register and are unlikely to be allocated a home in the parish where they wish to live. HPC is made up of 10 Councillors who live locally and endeavour to make decisions in the interests of the local community, Councillors are not paid but volunteer their time to serve our villages.

  • Action with Communities in Rural Kent
  • ERHA is a specialist rural provider of affordable housing, owning and managing stock

across rural England.  English Rural owns and manages 1200 properties, in 120 villages, mainly across the south of England. The homes are built by English Rural in partnership with local landowners, parish councils and local housing and planning authorities.

Their role is to work with parish councils, using their expertise and experience, including through local public consultation to ensure the community is well informed and that any locals concerns about the project are addressed.

ERHA are a Community Benefit Society, which is a not for profit organisation that is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority with the specific intention that it must benefit the community.  They are registered with a Government body (currently the Homes and Communities Agency), so that service standards and the use of public money for housing can be monitored.

English Rural believes the long term security of tenure is important for those that they provide homes to and also the communities they live in. This approach of a ‘generational tenancy’ is on the basis that it was particularly designed to provide young families security whilst children went through education. This approach is about sustaining and building communities though housing local people close to their support networks.

  • What do you mean by local?

Local means a person who is; currently resident in the parish, was previously resident in the parish and wants to return, is permanently employed in the parish, or is connected by close family still living in the parish.

Won’t the housing developments in Edenbridge include affordable housing that could meet the local need?

No.  Any affordable homes built in Edenbridge will be open to anyone on Sevenoaks District Council’s housing register to apply for, so not local needs housing.  Those in greatest need from anywhere in the Sevenoaks District (spread from Swanley in the north to Cowden in the South) will be given priority.  The homes in Edenbridge also may not be the type and size that local people to the parish need and probably not close enough to family / work they want to stay close to.  However, affordable homes built locally with ERHA would be only for those with a local connection and could not be sold to residents under the right to buy.

Any proposals would go through the usual planning processes and consider the effectiveness of the green Belt, Conservation Areas, Local Wildlife sites, AONB etc.  Those sites with the least negative impact on the countryside will of course be preferred.  Agricultural land may be considered for such proposals.  All other planning considerations such as utilities and flood risks will also be considered.


HPC comments to SDC on proposal by developers for ~400 houses between Edenbridge and Hever. Please comment !

Thanks to everyone for attending the meeting in Hever village hall last week to hear from the developers about the proposal.  Please click below to see HPC comments submitted.

Jan 2019 Hever 400 final

Thanks to everyone for attending the meeting in Hever village hall last week to hear from the developers about the proposal.  Please click below to see HPC comments submitted.

Jan 2019 Hever 400 final

Please go to


if you wish to comment on this Hever / Hartfield road site, which is running in parallel to the Local Plan consultation (which you may have already commented on during last Summer Consultation).  All those Local Plan comments will be sent to the Govt. Inspector, or you can comment again.

The closing date for comments (on the SDC Local Plan and the new Hever proposal) is 11.59pm on Sunday 3 February 2019.  We would encourage everyone to comment after studying the documents.


Comments on the Local Plan can be made as follows:

Unfortunately comments that are submitted anonymously cannot be accepted and comments will be published and attributed by name/organisation only.

What happens next?

Subject to Sevenoaks District Council approval, the Local Plan will then be submitted to the Government for examination, along with all comments made on the document.  Please note that this Hever proposal is not a planning application and Hever Parish Council is not the planning authority (SDC is).  The site is within Edenbridge Town Council area.  Hever Parish Council will continue to keep you updated – see www.hever.org (for more information & meeting dates)

Facebook – Heverparishcouncil


HIGH WEALD COUNCILS AVIATION ACTION GROUP (HWCAAG) Gatwick Master Plan consultation The High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group (HWCAAG) came into existence in September 2013 in response to the significant increase in both the noise and frequency of aircraft movements into Gatwick Airport and the possibility of a second runway at Gatwick. Continue reading

Spotted a pothole? Salt bin empty? Road sign missing or damaged? Report direct to Kent County Council Highways – fault reporting tool

Spotted a pothole? Salt bin empty? Road sign missing or damaged? Report direct to Kent County Council Highways – fault reporting tool Continue reading

Parish Council elections coming up – maybe you’d like to get involved in shaping your local area!

It’s District and Parish Council elections in May……maybe you would like to get involved in shaping the local community too?
More information on what is involved to follow…watch this space.

Agenda for HPC meeting Wednesday 21st November 7.30pm (planning at 7.15pm) Four Elms Village hall

2018 Nov HPC agenda final


2018 Sept draft minutes

GDPR October 2018


finance and planning applications update to be provided at the meeting.


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