Could You Be A Councillor?
Any person 18 years of age and older who is
a local government elector, lives or works in
the parish or lives within three miles of the
area of the Local Council may stand for
Candidates for election must complete
nomination forms and submit them to their
local electoral office by the closing date for
nominations – usually four to five weeks
before polling day. The local electoral office
will be at Medway Unitary or District/
Borough Council in which the Local Council
is located.
A Councillor’s normal term of office is four
years. He/she is a holder of a Public Office.
Councillors can receive expenses for their
Candidates may stand under a party political
label, but most don’t.
Councillors are subject to their Council’s
Code of Conduct and must complete a
Declaration of Interest form which will be
publicly available.
What Will You Do If Elected?
● Attend Council meetings and raise
matters that the Council can consider
and formally decide to take action.
● Make informed contributions and
influence debate at meetings.
● Receive training for your role.
● Represent the Council externally.

Please contact the Clerk, Charlotte Cole or 01732 865547 for more information and an informal chat.