An invitation to take part in the PCC’s Annual Policing Survey

    As Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott sets the strategic priorities for Kent Police. Earlier this year he published Safer in Kent: The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan. The plan is kept under constant review and is regularly updated in line with what local communities want. Mr Scott wants to know what matters… Read More »

A New Pop-up Café coming to FOUR ELMS!

Venue: The playing field behind the school Monday 7th August Monday 4th September Monday 23rd October 10.30 – 12.30   Come and get together with old friends and new and have a free (donations welcome!) cuppa and a delicious slice of cake. We’ll have all sorts of local information on board or you can just… Read More »

The CAA is looking at how we can influence the aviation industry’s noise performance, and we would like to hear from people impacted by aviation noise to get a better understanding of what you would like us to do about noise.

Answering these questions will help us to understand which areas people who are affected by aviation noise would like us to focus on, and therefore help to define our work programme. However, we will not always be able to act, and at the moment we are looking at how we use our existing powers to… Read More »


  AGENDA;     Buckhurst Farm, Cowden Pound Road, Markbeech TN8 5NR Se/17/01956/HOUSE     Ground floor rear extension to North and West, new dormer, new porch, roof extension and infilling between pitches and associated alterations.  Infilling of dining room set back, introduction of solar panels to South elevation and roof lights.   Please contact… Read More »

Saturday 8th July bulk refuse freighter information;

1) Hever Bottle bank area next to Henry pub in coach car park 08.00am to 09.15   2) Four Elms – opposite Church, outside school 09.30 to 10.45   We cannot take Electrical Appliances/ Metal / Hard Core / Large Amounts of Garden Waste / Large Panes of Glass / Oil or Paint.   Please… Read More »

Edenbridge Medical services; A huge thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the Consultation Process that happened between February and April this year.

  The key findings of the consultation were: 94% agreed there should be a combined hospital/surgery 79% supported the preferred option of a new building on a new site, with increased day care and no inpatient beds 8% wanted inpatient beds 84% supported building on a new site The top statement people thought was most… Read More »