Kent County Council Road Safety Team Leader Vicky Harvey said: “This campaign aims to highlight to drivers that using your mobile phone hands-free is not as safe as you may think, even though its legal.

“Even an unimpaired driver travelling at 70mph will travel at least 31 metres whilst reacting in an emergency but at the drink-drive limit, due to the impairment, this extends to at least 35 metres.

“However, driving while talking on your hands-free mobile phone means you will travel at least 39 metres, a further eight metres before touching the brake pedal – that’s as long as a double decker bus.

“If it’s a hand-held phone, the impairment is even worse.

“Of course, delaying your reactions will extend your stopping distance so, working with our partners, this campaign seeks to highlight the additional risks drivers who use a mobile phone face.

“My advice is to delay the call, not your reactions.”