To:    The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at Hever Village Hall.

on Tuesday 20th March 2018 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed;            Clerk             Date   12.03.18           *attachment / printed copy

  1. To receive apologies
  2. Declarations of interest in respect of business specified on the agenda
  3. *To approve the accuracy of Minutes of the previous meeting (Chair).
  4. Public Forum (10 minutes)

Items for discussion / decision; 

  1. Community Led Housing – to update following presentation at last meeting from Rural Housing Kent and meeting with SDC re; housing needs survey and option for HPC to proceed with survey. (SS)
  2. Four Elms village hall update – letter of update received from Trustees.
  3. *Grant applications – Edenbridge Community First Responders £1,500. Coffee mornings, Four Elms £500.
  1. Is there local interest in a Scam Avoidance session (Santander)- which lasts up to 45 minutes- for the over 60s?
  1. Police Community Support Officer – information received from Kent Police should HPC wish to consider funding additional PCSO work in the parish – “the ballpark figure for a full time PCSO is £32193/year. There would be an additional cost to cover transport/vehicles/fuel etc. but this would have to be negotiable on a case by case basis. Generally, we charge on a quarterly basis but again, this can be subject to negotiation.

We would expect to have a long term commitment from a Parish Council if they wanted to proceed due to the length of training and the cost involved.”

  1. Agenda for the Annual Assembly / AGM (15th May);
  2. a) 5.45pm Annual General meeting; Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Appointment of members of committees – Planning, Finance.

  1. b) 6pm Open for viewing on displays
  2. c) 6.30pm Presentations (Parish assets / spaces, Health Centre, SECAMB, Police, Sevenoaks HERO, Possible; MP, District Cllr.)
  3. Four Elms crossroads safety (SS) and Four Elms school parking (BW).

12i.   *Draft complaints procedure (Clerk).

12ii.  General Data Protection Regulations – to advise the Council of action required and individual obligations (Clerk)

  1. Four Elms playground update (Clerk).
  2. Gatwick update (SL / DL / RBS)
  1. To determine matters arising from the previous minutes for updating / noting (Chair)

Items for updating on / for information;

  1. *Planning and licensing; applications responded to and outcomes – attached to agenda. Including Summer festivals.
  1. Financial update. Summary of precept changes across the District (Clerk).
  1. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda (not for decision making or with financial implications) (JW)
  1. Other correspondence for noting / Consultations.
  • Request from resident of Uckfield Lane for road gritting.
  • Paper copies of Heritage statement from SDC (Copy requested by SS, JW, CT).
  • Letter of thanks from Tunbridge Wells Samaritans for the £150 grant.
  • Information circulated on non-competitive cycling sportive taking place on Saturday 26thMay 2018 out of Lingfield Racecourse.

From Kent Police – “I am writing with regards to the attendance of Police Community Support Officers at local parish meetings.

In recent months within the whole of Kent there has been concerns raised about officers attending parish meetings.

These have been listened too and to address these Kent Police have reviewed their criteria for attending the meetings.

I recognise that communication with the parish clerks, councillors and communities is vitally important and we will aspire to attend at least one meeting every three months.

I would seek your assistance by ensuring that when we are in attendance that we are first on the agenda to allow us to return to our duties as soon as possible. Prior to the meeting it would be appreciated if you could inform your local PCSO’s and myself of the issues that are to be raised. By doing this we can ensure that we are prepared and able to provide an informed and valued response.

We will only ever provide exceptional reporting and limited highlights of crime. We will not provide statistical data unless is it absolutely necessary. I would ask that if you believe that it is necessary you provide this request in writing to myself.  I will then consider the request and let you know if it will be provided and if not why not. Of course you can always access general crime data relevant to your community by visiting Police UK

If we are unable to attend due to operational policing reasons or Annual Leave / Rest Days then we will ensure we provide a short summary for you to read out on our behalf. We will also tell you why we cannot attend.

I hope that this commitment to attend meetings reassures you that my team and I are committed to maintaining and enhancing what is already a valued relationship and I look forward to working with you in the future.”


(1)        5 March the Prime Minister launched a major overhaul to the National Planning Policy Framework to deliver more homes ).

There are two Government consultations which seek views on: 1) reforming developer contributions to affordable housing and infrastructure; and 2) text of the National Planning Policy Framework. The Government deadline for comments on both consultations is 10 May.

The 2 consultations can be accessed via the following link

We would encourage all member Councils to respond to the consultations. The KALC Planning Advisory Committee will be meeting in April to consider the 2 consultations and draft KALC’s responses. We will forward our responses to member councils as soon as they have been produced.

(2)      As part of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s Anniversary year The Kent Downs AONB Unit are updating the management plan for the Landscape. The management plan will contain information on how this special protected landscape is managed into the future. We are asking as many people as possible to contribute their thoughts and ideas and help to shape the future of the AONB landscape.

The ‘Have Your Say’ consultation document is an opportunity for everybody to contribute their thoughts, ideas and priorities for the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This document will be available for comment until 30th April 2018 and we urge you all to take this opportunity to feed in your ideas and priorities for the management of this special place.  To access the consultation document please follow this link:

(3)       The Committee on Standards in Public Life is undertaking a review of local government ethical standards. The review will consider all levels of local government in England, including Parish and Town Councils.

The Committee is inviting responses to its consultation to inform its review – the deadline for responses is 5pm on 18 May 2018.

The terms of reference for the review are to:

  • examine the structures, processes and practices in local government in England for:
    • maintaining codes of conduct for local councillors
    • investigating alleged breaches fairly and with due process
    • enforcing codes and imposing sanctions for misconduct
    • declaring interests and managing conflicts of interest
    • whistleblowing
  • assess whether the existing structures, processes and practices are conducive to high standards of conduct in local government
  • make any recommendations for how they can be improved
  • note any evidence of intimidation of councillors, and make recommendations for any measures that could be put in place to prevent and address such intimidation.

Further details on the consultation can be found at: Responses to the consultation should be sent to: or by post to: Local government ethical standards review, GC.07, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ.

To:   The Members of Hever Parish Council Planning Committee

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at HEVER VILLAGE HALL on Tuesday 20th  March 2018 commencing at 7.00pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

1)     18/00636/HOUSE | Demolition of existing lean-to utility room; erection of single storey extension. | The Thatched Cottage Hever Road Hever KENT TN8 7NH

2) Local queries re; Planning Applications for Land North East of 1 White Post Cottages

3) 18/00721/WTPO | Fell 5 Oak trees. | Hever Hotel Hever Road Hever KENT TN8 7NP

Just received paper copy of this, “for information only”.  Note online permission granted.

New KALC Planning training – 1st May;

Content to include the following;

  1. The purposes of the planning system
  2. The plan-led system
  3. The main players in the planning system
  4. What is “development”  and the need for planning permission
  5. How planning decisions are made
  6. Making your views count on planning applications
  7. Special types of planning control
  8. Enforcing planning control
  9. Where to find out more