Spotted a pothole? Salt bin empty? Road sign missing or damaged? Report direct to Kent County Council Highways – fault reporting tool

• It’s the quickest and easiest way to tell Highways about issues
• See existing faults (raised by customers and highways staff) and highways assets such as streetlights, salt bins, bollards, trees and grass verges. Traffic Signals, roadside drains and structures will be added shortly.
• You are able to give us specifics about how bad a fault is and exactly where it is without having to get someone on the other end of a phone to understand it first
• You can upload photos or videos to show how bad things are and help us to prioritise repairs
• It saves the council £5 on every enquiry logged online as that’s what it costs KCC to manage a phone call and faults go directly to the relevant Highways team rather than having to be triaged first
• You can input your contact details for any updates to be provided and can track your enquiry through to resolution using the details that are automatically emailed to you.
• The reporting tool can be easily accessed from all kinds of devices (its optimized for smartphones and tablets) and can use local KCC libraries or gateways if you don’t have internet access at home
• It frees up our Contact Point staff to handle emergency and complex enquiries