The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Hever Parish Council to be held at Hever village hall on Tuesday 7th May 2019 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed;      Clerk     Date   30.04.19  *attachment / printed copy

  1. To receive apologies.
  2. Only open session of the meeting- Public Forum (10 minutes)
  3. Declarations of interest in respect of business specified on the agenda
  4. *To approve the accuracy of Minutes of the previous meeting – 20.03.19 and 2018 AGM (JH).

5i.     Results of election (2nd May 2019), 9 of the 10 Councillors re-elected uncontested.

5ii.    Casual vacancy in Hever ward.  Does the Council wish to carry the vacancy or co – opt?

5iii.   *Reminder that it is Cllrs. legal obligations to completed Electoral Expenses forms (even if nil – complete final page only) and return to SDC by 30th May.

6i.     Election of Chairman for 2019/20

6ii.    Election of Vice Chair for 2019/20

7i.     *Acceptance of office form to be completed by all.

7ii.    *Register of interest documents to be completed and signed by all.

If this cannot be completed at this meeting, it must be done in advance witnessed by the Clerk. Please contact the Clerk for more details.

  1. The appointment of members of Committees;
  • Planning (currently CT, SS, AH, AS, RBS)
  • Finance and Employment (currently JW, JH, AH, Clerk)
  • appointment of members to serve on outside bodies / local groups e.g. HWCAAG (currently RBS, SL).

Items for discussion / decision;

  1. *HPC Annual policies – updated in advance of AGM. Could Members study the policies in advance of the meeting to ratify?  Please note, no changes since March 2019 meeting to;

9i.     Complaints Policy (2019)

9ii.    GDPR (2019)

9iii.   Planning Committee Terms of Reference (2019)

9iv.   Finance Regulations (2019)

9v.    Code of Conduct (2019) (amended at last meeting to include social media)

Please note new / amended policies for consideration and adoption;

9vi.   Terms of Reference of Finance and Employment Committee (2019)

9vii.  Standing Orders (2019)

9viii.  Training Policy for the Clerk and Cllrs. (2019)

  1. *To receive and note;

10i.   The annual accounts (Financial year 2018 – 2019)

10ii.  Bank reconciliation

10iii.  Significant variation form

10iv. Dates for public rights to inspect accounts

10v.  Internal Audit report (completed 30.04.19)

11i.   *Approve the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) Annual Governance statement (Section 1, part 2 &3) by resolution.

11ii.  *Consider the Accounting statements,(Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011) and findings on the review by the members meeting as a whole.

11iii.  Approve the Accounting statements by resolution. Ensuring the statements are signed and dated by the person presiding at the meeting at which that approval is given.

  1. SDC Dog waste refuse collection service and charges – SDC (at KCC instruction) will mix dog and general waste. Charge from SDC to HPC dog waste collection is ~ £400 / yr.  Do we want to continue with this service or undertake independently / ? remove dog waste bins?
  2. Report back from Clerk following Local Plan update from Richard Morris, Head of Planning, SDC.
  3. To determine matters arising from the previous Minutes for updating and noting (JH).


Items for updating on / for information;

  1. Update from Clerk on Highways meeting (1st May) and village gateways – plan to have visual mock ups for Assembly.
  2. SDC Planning enforcement – update on new Head of and plans.
  3. *Financial update – attached to agenda the schedule or payments and income for approval by whole Council (Clerk).
  4. General Data Protection Regulations – reports of any breaches or updates.
  5. Gatwick update (RBS, SL)
  6. Update from RBS and Clerk on Neverworld Licensing application.
  7. *Planning update since last meeting.
  8. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda (not for decision making or with financial implications) (JH).


To:     The Members of Hever Parish Council Planning Committee

Hever village hall on Tuesday 7th May 2019 commencing at 7.00pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed;       Clerk     Date   30.04.19   *attachment / printed copy


  1. Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair to Planning Committee.


  1. Consideration of the following planning applications;

SE/19/01025/HOUSE   Prettymans, Prettymans Lane, Edenbridge Kent TN8 6LU Construction Garage and basement underneath.  Deadline 12.05.19