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FOUR ELMS PLAYGROUND UPDATE Thank you for your patience – “we” (our fabulous caretaker actually) is watering the new turf daily and hopes to have the new safety surface down next week. Typical weather – just when we need some rain, it’s a heatwave 😉 Thanks to Four Elms Primary school for letting us use their water!


  1. D Easton

    The new playground looks great, shame the field has now been ruined by the vehicles driving straight across the field rather than around the edges. There are massive ruts from the wheels diagonally straight across the field. Will not be long before one of the school kids or a member of the public using the field will brake an ankle.

  2. Dave Easton

    The new playground looks great however rather than drive around the edge of the field the workers who constructed the playground have driven straight across it. The field is now ruined with huge tyre marks and ruts. It will not be long before a member of the public or one of the local school children will brake an ankle or worse. The field needs to be levelled with a heavy roller at the very least. What is the council’s plan for repairing the field and making it safe?

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