Gatwick expansion

The impact of the expansion would be –

  • More noise for HPC residents from a 35% increase in the number of flights.
  • Further congestion on road and rail networks in the area and on routes to Gatwick (54% increase in car parking at the airport).
  • Increased air pollution.
  • More pressure on local housing and infrastructure, on assumption that Gatwick’s claims re job creation are accurate, and that there are sufficient people to carry out such roles.
  • Climate change – Gatwick Obviously Not figures suggest a 50% increase in the production of CO2 from the plans and that by 2038 Gatwick would be responsible for 5.5% of total UK CO2 emissions.
  • There would be no change to flight paths meaning a large increase in flights over HPC when flights arriving from the east (2019 – 60 air movements per hour at peak increasing to 81 per hour as per Gatwick plans / projections).  Example summary responses and more information.

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