To:     The Members of Hever Parish Council

 I hereby summon you to attend a meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at Four Elms Parish Rooms on Tuesday 21st March 2017 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed;           Clerk     Date   13.03.17  *attachment / printed copy

Regular items for information;

  1. To receive apologies.
  2. Declarations of interest in respect of business specified on the agenda.
  3. *To approve the accuracy of Minutes of the previous meeting (JH).
  4. Public Forum (10 minutes).

NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the organisation that plans and commissions most healthcare for people in Edenbridge, Antonia Knifton (Senior Associate – Engagement) will be attending to distribute full consultation documents, summaries and answer any questions or queries.

Items for discussion / decision;

  1. * Grant Applications; £250 Grant application from Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.
  1. * Four Elms playground; to update on grant applications, project proposal and timeline (Clerk).
  1. * SDC Consultation on Open Space; to consider terminology and identification of some sites across the parish.
  1. Hever station car park. To report on the current situation and options for the privately owned car park (JW).
  1. Listing of Assets of Community Value (CT). An update of the meeting between CT and Clerk.
  2. Easter litter pick (Clerk to update).
  3. 11. To consider options re; 17/18 June weekend to commemorate Jo Cox MP (JW).
  4. Hever parish field (how to improve usage) (JW).
  5. Hever Exchange (JW).
  6. To determine matters arising from the previous Minutes for updating and noting (JH).

Items for updating on / for information;

  1. *Planning and licensing; applications and outcomes.
  2. Other correspondence for noting (Clerk).
  3. *Financial update (Clerk).
  4. Gatwick update (SL).
  5. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda (not for decision making or with financial implications) (JH).


BUDGET UPDATE End February 2017

Balance                                                         £15,926.95

Possible costs in March      Grants            £  5,400.00 (Air ambulance, FE party, FE playground)

Salary and office                                          £     900.00

Maintenance costs                                      £  1,500.00

Defibrillator                                                    £  1,400.00 (grant received but not spent)

Likely end March balance ~                    £  6,726.95


SDC Dog bins Oct 0 Dec 102.96
HVH Hire of hall for planning 10
C Cole Annual leave pay 531.25
SDC Pest control Nov-Jan 105
Willerby Landscapes FE Xmas tree 180.00
B Groves Caretaker works 136.00
C Cole Office costs and travel 48.60
C Cole Salary till 27.01.17 867.68
Spend Jan 1981.49
Viking Office stationary 119.96
MBVH MB village hall grant 1500.00
CPRE Direct debit annual member 36.00
BFI BFI Love and Friendhsip film 96.00
C Cole salary until 24.02.17 858.84
C Cole Feb Office costs 30.00
C Cole Office stationary 35.99
B Groves Caretaker works 30.00
B Groves Caretaker works 75.00
C Cole Reimburse for high viz 101.99
Spend Feb 2883.78

2017 – 2018 Budget

Precept has increased to £33,00.00, an increase of 10% (an extra 1p/d/band D household).

Likely increases in;

Grant applications and awards (Nb. spent £10,206.60 in 16 – 17), compulsory (new) pension for Clerk, contingency, increased cost of Hever grass cutting (Proground withdrawn).

Planned for 2017 – 2018;

Receipts;                    Precept £33,000 + carry forward £6,000 =    £39,000

Payments;                  Admin                                                                  £   4,500

Salary / pension / NI / office                   £ 16,000

Property maintenance                              £   9,000

HWCAAG                                                                                                   £      400

Sub total of above payments;                                                         £ 29,900

Grants; (incl. £5,000 for FE playground)                                  £ 12,000

Small projects; Signs, Christmas                                                   £   5,000

Contingency                                                                                             £   2,000

Total payments;                                                                                    £ 48,900


Shortfall of                                                                                             £ 9,900.