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Agenda for Hever Parish Council meeting – to be held at HEVER Village Hall. on TUESDAY  18th September 2018 commencing at 7.30pm


To:    The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at HEVER Village Hall.

on TUESDAY  18th September 2018 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Signed; Clerk              Date   10.09.18 *attachment / printed copy

To assist in the speedy and efficient dispatch of business, please contact the Clerk in advance of the meeting if further factual information is required on an item on the Agenda.

  1. To receive apologies.
  2. Declarations of interest in respect of business specified on the agenda
  3. *To approve the accuracy of Minutes of the previous meeting (Chair).
  4. Public Forum (10 minutes)

The Council will receive statements and questions from the public (this is the only opportunity for members of the public to make a contribution during the meeting) and for members with pecuniary interests to speak on items on the Agenda.

Items for discussion / decision;

  1. Four Elms traffic – proposal from Peter Lake (PL) Kent County Councillor (PL) to fund 20mph from KCC Members Grant. Does the Council have a view on a proposal?
  2. *SDC Draft Local Plan– to record the comments sent to SDC as part of the consultation (CC). Attachment of Cllr. Clive Pearman (Edenbridge Town Council) report on history of Edenbridge and District War memorial hospital.
  3. Affordable Housing
  4. i) CT to propose to the full Council, the setting up of a “HPC Affordable Housing working party”, which would be;
  5. a) To research, report and recommend as an advisory body to the full Council (under S102 powers 1972 LGA). To be task specific and time limited.
  6. b) To examine an issue in detail, read reports and related materials, examine options, get advice for the Council.
  7. c) To act as experts and/or liaise with experts, which will include neighbouring parish and town Councils, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Sevenoaks District Council, ACRK (Action with Communities in Rural Kent).
  8. d) No funding or monies to be spent or committed without delegated authority or prior Full Council endorsement.
  9. e) Quorate: Minimum of 2 Councillors at each meeting and the proper officer (Clerk).
  10. f) A Working Party does not meet in public, therefore Standing Orders are not applicable, although the Code of Conduct still applies. Does the full Council agree to the formation of the Working Party?
  11. ii) SS – To update the Council following the compulsory parish wide housing needs survey and presentations to SS / CT /CC (and SDC) from 2 Housing Associations. Recommendations to be made to the full Council;
  12. Selection of a Housing Association on any emerging local proposals.
  13. To proceed with a second stage housing needs survey (undertaken by the Rural Housing Enabler – ACRK (an independent expert body) with no cost implications to HPC.

Does the Council accept the Recommendations as advised by the working party?

  1. Elections – to note that District and Parish Council elections May 2019 & associated costs. There is a national drive to attract a broad range of demographics to be nominated.  How does HPC wish to address this? (CC).
  2. GDPR update (CC) –
  3. Not legally compulsory, but recommended by KALC to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer) who has skills, time, knowledge, professional qualifications independence and ability to take on responsibility. A DPO must be appointed “on the basis of professional qualities”.  Costs between £150 – 500.  If not appointed, the same work must be undertaken by someone else suitable.
  4. HPC to complete in next 12 months a data audit, data risk assessment and accessibility statement.
  5. Personal information is stored by the Clerk in a locked filing cabinet (Chair has spare key) and legal documents in a safe.
  6. “Gold standard” of GDPR is recommended for Cllrs. to have individual HPC laptop (encrypted emails, use of Council licensed Office professional, virus protection etc.) This could be budgeted for over a period of years.  Noting that in the event of a data breach any hardware used for any HPC work can be seized.
  7. Ensure all communications from Cllrs. with residents comes via the Clerk, otherwise individual Cllrs. need to register and pay for registration with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

How does HPC wish to consider options for a and d?

  1. Proposal for Summer 2019 local party at Hever Castle (DL).
  2. Proposed re launch of www.hever.org and launch of The Link magazine online. Suggested November 2018 and budget of £200 for event and publicity.
  3. Proposal for Premises Licence for music festival / country fete on field on Hever / Edenbridge border (Between Lydens Lane and Hever Road).
  4. To determine matters arising from the previous minutes for updating / noting (Chair)

Items for updating on / for information;

  1. *Planning and licensing; applications responded to and outcomes – attached to agenda. Including Summer festivals.
  2. *Financial update. (Clerk).
  3. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda (not for decision making or with financial implications) (JW)


  1. Other correspondence for noting / Consultations. This may include items from the Kent Association of Local Councils / National Association of Local Councils.


Kent County Council’s ‘Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Consultation’.

This consultation will help us deliver the Kent Waste Disposal Strategy and seeks views on the proposal to implement a charging policy for non-household waste materials including soil, rubble, hardcore and plasterboard, deposited at Kent HWRCs.  The 8 week consultation is available until Thursday 1 November 2018, and we would like to invite you to comment.   The consultation questionnaire and supporting documents can be found at www.kent.gov.uk/wasteconsultation

Does HPC wish to comment on the consultation?




AGENDA 7.15pm

  • 4 Lodgewood Cottages, Hever Road, Hever TN8 7NP


Amendment to application 17/03407/HOUSE

Deadlines 26.09.18


  • The Corn Mill Stables, Ide Hill Road, Four Elms TN8 6NS


Single storey home office building within rear garden.

Deadlines 26.09.18


  • 1 Hillside Cottages, Four Elms Road TN8 6NQ


Removal of existing car port.  Erection of atwo storey side extension and first floor rear extension over existing ground floor.

Deadline 28.09.18


  • The Elms Nursery Bough Beech Road Four Elms KENT TN8 6ND


Proposed extensions to existing garden centre to provide enlarge kitchen,

staff facilities, extra retail and storage areas.


Brocas Cottage, Brocas Road Hever TN8 7LE SE/18/00681/HOUSE

Appeal – erection of a first floor extension.

Summary of Rural Housing needs survey.



In a report published in December 2014, the Rural Housing Alliance has stated that ‘For many rural households, finding somewhere affordable in their local community remains a barrier, with homes costing over eight times the average salary in 90% of rural local authority areas. This is an affordability gap which, in many areas, is even more extreme given low paid rural employment.’


Small developments of local needs housing schemes can provide affordable housing for local people, thereby enabling them to stay in their community and contribute to village life. This can make a real difference to the vitality of village services. The Rural Housing Enabler (RHE) undertook a parish wide survey to ascertain if there are shortfalls in affordable housing provision within the parish of Hever which includes the villages of Hever, Markbeech and Four Elms. This was funded by Sevenoaks District Council.


This report provides overall information as well as analysis of housing need.

A survey was posted to every household within the parish in May 2018.

516 surveys were distributed with 127 surveys being returned, representing a 25% response rate.




Analysis of the returned survey forms identified that 83% of respondents are owner occupiers.


67% of respondents have lived in the parish for over 10 years.


High property prices and a predominance of privately owned homes means that some local people are unable to afford a home within the parish.


At the time of writing the report the cheapest property for sale in the parish was a 1 bed apartment for £200,000; to afford to buy this home a deposit of approximately £30,000 would be required and an income of £48,571. The cheapest 2 bedroom property was for sale at £399,500; a deposit of £59,925 and income of £97,021 would be required to afford this home. To afford to rent privately an income of approximately £79,800 would be required to rent the cheapest and only property found available to rent in the parish which was a 3 bed house for £1995 pcm.


Overall, a need for up to 12 affordable homes, for the following local households was identified:

  • 3 single people
  • 4 couples
  • 5 families
  • 11 households currently live in one of the villages and 1 lives outside and wants to return


The 12 respondents in need of affordable housing indicated strong local connections to the villages of Hever, Four Elms and Markbeech.  7 respondents are currently living with relatives, 2 are housing association tenants and 3 are renting privately.


In total there are 19 adults and 9 children who have a need for affordable housing.

The survey also identified a requirement for 5 homes for older households, aged 50 years and over:

  • 1 single person
  • 4 couples
  • The 5 households all currently live in one of the villages
  • 2 of the older households need affordable housing. These affordable homes are required in addition to the 12 affordable homes identified above.


When asked how many bedrooms respondents sought/preferred, the following answers were given:


2 x 1 bed

6 x 2 beds

3 x 3 beds

1 x 4 beds.


Actual size of property will depend upon the council’s allocation policy and Help to Buy eligibility, see below.


In total, 6 respondents indicated an interest in shared ownership and 7 in a starter home (some respondents indicated more than one option); none of the respondents appeared to be able to afford a starter home. 2 households who indicated starter homes only, were assessed for shared ownership. In total, 7 households indicated that they may be able to afford a shared ownership property. More detailed analysis of their income, amount of deposit they have available and actual cost of the shared ownership property would be required to confirm affordability.


The survey has identified a total need for 14 affordable homes.




Affordable general needs housing = Four Elms x 8, Hever x 3, Outside the villages x 1


Older Persons = Four Elms x 2, Hever x 1, Markbeech x 2 (the 2 older households needing affordable housing both live in Four Elms).




As expected, wide range of opinion but the vast majority supporting some affordable housing and some interesting suggestions of locations (main ones);


6 suggested out of parish in Edenbridge

6 fields in Four Elms

4 Uckfield Lane

4 Four Elms village hall





HPC resolved at the meeting on 25.07.18 to form of Committee (2 Four Elms Councillors and the Clerk) to explore further with Sevenoaks District Council and Rural Housing Associations the options for the parish.  This is the first of many steps and more detailed surveys and public consultations would follow.  Noting recent work done by neighbouring parishes (Leigh, Chiddingstone) and time scales (> 2 years).


Next HPC meeting is Wednesday 25th September 7.30pm Hever village hall.


Please see hever.org for more information and the full survey below….

Hever HNS Report 2018 final

DRAFT – THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF HEVER PARISH COUNCIL .  WEDNESDAY  25 th July  2018  AT 7.30PM.  Held at Four Elms Village hall.


WEDNESDAY  25 th July  2018  AT 7.30PM.  Held at Four Elms Village hall.


Present:  Cllrs., John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Angela Haydon (AH), Bonnie White (BW) Joanna Wade (JW), Christine Thompson (CT), Stephen Sadler (SS), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS)

Also in attendance: Charlotte Cole (CC, Clerk), Peter Lake (PL), Matthew Dickins (MD), and 7 members of the public.  The meeting commenced at 7.35pm.


1. To receive apologies – Stephen Lark (SL) away, Duncan Leslie (DL) family commitment – these apologies were accepted and noted.

2. To receive declarations of interest in respect of items on the Agenda. To be specified per item.

3. To approve accuracy of minutes from the previous meetings (AGM 15th May 2018, Annual Assembly meeting 15th May). Approved by all and signed by JH.

4.  Public Forum

PL updated that school transport appeal won and requested any other parish wide transport appeals to go to him (Peter.lake@kent.gov.uk).  KCC consulting about rural buses and noted already on HPC agenda.  Would like to propose 20mph speed restrictions to FE village during the 2019 – 2020 financial year.  This would cost ~ £ 7,000 to HPC which PL would reimburse.  Deadline is April 2019 for submission and requested HPC support in doing so.  A number of queries from Cllrs. and pubic regarding effectiveness, Timeline, signage, enforcement, geography of boundaries etc.  Would Hever and Markbeech be considered too?

Clerk post meeting amendment; as this proposal was not on the agenda, any such items can only be treated as an information item i.e. as an update/idea in principle – no decision or action possible.  This proposal will therefore be added as an Agenda item on the meeting scheduled 18th September.  PL left 7.45pm

MD updated from Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) – Local Plan (will write a guide in The Link magazine, liaising with Hever Residents Assoc.) Parish not directly significantly affected but note Edenbridge Health & Housing scheme (and potential traffic impact).  Neverworld licensing hearing – sound levels modified at 35dbA and breaches will be monitored.

(Gavin Missons (SDC Housing) arrived 7.45pm)

KCC proposal to charge for householders (DIY) waste – consultation to follow.  Other County’s already do.  Concerns over Flytipping risk and MD strongly opposes.

Query from the public to MD re; parents obstructing pedestrians with cars on the footpath outside Four Elms primary.  MD explained complexity of responsibility / enforcement (between SDC, Police, Highways).  Will speak to resident to explain and share with CC.  Cllr. BW has also been involved to encourage school again to liaise with parents.

MD left 8.05pm

5.  Community Led housing – JH summarised the work to date and results of the parish wide housing needs survey (summary attached to agenda) and future options.  Thanks to SS for work so far and Gavin Missons (SDC).  One option is to now identify potential sites (minimum build is ~6) and instruct a specialist housing association, who would then work with SDC (who test the sustainability of every proposed site).  This would lead to a priority list and secondary survey to be undertaken to every household (shorter and more focused) plus parish wide consultations.  There is no financial involvement or risk to HPC.   GM explained the new local priority criteria in the SDC Local Plan, affordable definition, housing benefit procedure and tenancy conditions. updated from meetings regarding Housing needs survey / Community Led Housing meetings with Clerk, SDC and Rural Housing Kent.  The time frame and options / possible implications discussed at length.


The Council voted and resolved to proceed by inviting a core group (SS, CT, CC, GM) to meet with SDC and 2 of the proposed Housing Associations.

6.  SDC Local Plan – GM answered queries about the SDC Local Plan.  All Cllrs. were encouraged to visit one of the public displays and Cllr. to reports any comments to CC by 20th August for CC to respond to SDC Consultation.

HPC to encourage locals to view and respond to consultation via facebook, website and contact list.  To ask SDC / MD how new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) may impact on Local plan.

GM left at 9.05pm

7.  Footpaths – JW reported on local interest / concerns over public footpath cutting.  Clerk tried to clarify the role of KCC (Kent County Council Public Rights of Way), landowners etc. in this responsibility and other options and groups involved in volunteer cutting.  Discussions were had about cost, liability, relative impact and duties.  HPC declined to commit to a regular cutting programme to supplement KCC work or to take on devolved work.

8.  Possible village party 2019 – JW will d/w DL.

9.  Post HPC Annual Assembly review – Cllrs. felt it was a good effort but relatively poorly attended.  Possibly as no major contentious issues..?  Plan for 2019 – Four Elms village hall, a Wednesday or Thursday in early May. 7.30pm start.  Not on same day as AGM.  Try to book MP.

10.  Local Broadband – report read out by CC, received from Airfast.net (trading name of Crockham Hill Broadband CIC).  Main item of interest is the new transmitter station at Chiddingstone Church and higher ground towards the Weald.

11.  Swathe and Visibility cuts (that we share a contract with Chiddingstone, Leigh and Penshurst PC) – A further cut was required this year.  Some concerns (from other parishes) about reduced wildflower areas.  Discussions were had and not felt to be a concern locally.

12. Family fun days – 1st August Four Elms, Hever 22nd August.  Advertising and banners used for promotion.

13.  General Data protection regulations – Clerk updated on action to date and still required (new PC and to complete data map / risk assessment).

14. Four Elms playground update. 

New grants secured from £ 3,000 SDC Community Infrastructure Levy, further £ 3,000 from Kent Community Foundation.  Total of £ 15,030 raised from grant applications to date.  Costs to date ~ £ 20,000.  Playground due to open in next 2 weeks and formal opening party / thanks to follow.

15.  Gatwick – No report.

15i.  Grant applications – £175 agreed towards WW1 Commemoration.

16.  Matters arising from previous minutes –no outstanding actions.

17.  Planning and Licensing – update attached to agenda. 

18. Financial update – attached to agenda.  Chair suggested that new PC purchased this financial year.  All agreed.

19. Urgent / other issues.  None.  Update from Clerk re; Four Elms Pond – entrance from front and side towards back of pond blocked off to reduce chance of campers.

20.  Other correspondence for noting –attached to agenda.

KCC Bus consultation – CC to check if local routes affected.

KCC Rights of Way Improvement plan – deadline 12th September. CC and JW to study.

AONB Management Plan – no comment.


Meeting ended 9.40pm













The minutes of The Annual Parish Assembly of Hever Parish Council – May 2018


Hever Village Hall.  Tuesday 15th May  2018  AT 6.30PM

Present:  Hever Parish Councillors Cllrs. :  Cllrs. John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Bonnie White (BW), Anita Sebastian (AS), Duncan Leslie (DL), Stephen Lark (SL) , Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS), Joanna Wade (JW) (Vice Chair), Angela Haydon (AH), Stephen Sadler (SS), Christine Thompson (CT). Continue reading

May 2018 HPC Agenda

DRAFT To:    The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Hever Parish Council to be held at Hever village hall on Tuesday 15th May 2018 commencing at 5.45pm for the transaction of business as set out below. Continue reading

Draft Agenda for Hever Parish Council Annual General Meeting 15 May 2018

DRAFT To:  The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Hever Parish Council to be held at Hever village hall on Tuesday 15th May 2018 commencing at 5.45pm for the transaction of business as set out below. Continue reading

March 2017 HPC minutes


Hever Village Hall.  TUESDAY 21 st  March  2017  AT 7.30PM

Present:  Cllrs. John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Bonnie White (BW), Anita Sebastian (AS), Duncan Leslie (DL), Stephen Lark (SL), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS), Joanna Wade (JW) (Vice Chair), Christine Thompson (CT). Continue reading

March 2018 HPC minutes


TUESDAY 20 th March  2018  AT 7.30PM.  Held at Hever Village hall.

Present:  Cllrs., John Hodson (JH) (Chair), Angela Haydon (AH), Bonnie White (BW) Stephen Lark (SL), Joanna Wade (JW), Christine Thompson (CT), Stephen Sadler (SS), Rick Brookes-Smith (RBS) Anita Sebastian (AS) Duncan Leslie (DL) Continue reading

March 2018 HPC Agenda

To:    The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at Hever Village Hall.

on Tuesday 20th March 2018 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of business as set out below. Continue reading

January 2018 HPC Agenda

To:     The Members of Hever Parish Council

I hereby summon you to attend the meeting of Hever Parish Council to be held at the Buckingham Palace Suite, HEVER HOTEL,  Hever Road | Hever | Edenbridge | Kent | TN8 7NP on Tuesday 16th January 2018 commencing at 7.00pm for the transaction of business as set out below. Continue reading

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